A Marijuana Disposable Vape Pen is one of the most common and preferred ways of consuming cannabis, other than joints and cones. High-quality Vape Pens offer the users premium quality Cannabis, that doesn't contain (or produce) any solvents. It's available in the purest form, that's accustomed to users who can enjoy vape pulls in its purest form. 

Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) offers the best quality Disposable Marijuana Oil Pens in Canada, thereby ensuring users top quality Marijuana and making consumption easier. Vapes or the method of vaporization has been popularized lately due to the safe way of consumption. Moreover, vaping is a healthier option compared to the traditional process of smoking. This is because vaping doesn't produce tar and carcinogens, unlike smoking. Flowers, oils, as well as, concentrates can be used in vapes. Marijuana can be vaporized using a variety of devices such as pens, portable devices, vape pipes, and so on.

Vape Pens

Hash oil or vape pens are portable vaporizers that help in evaporating distillates, as well as  Cannabis or Marijuana oils. Vape pens can be disposable or non-disposable. They are called pens because they have similar appearances. Using a disposable vape pen is suitable for beginners, and when they are fully charged, it can go up to 100 doses. A vape pen contains two sections: a cartridge and a battery. Vape pen batteries are available in various shapes such as cylindrical or rectangular, button or buttonless, small or large; depending on the fit and style of the vape pen. When these pens are fully charged, they burn hotter as opposed to less charge. 

When users are traveling, they prefer to use disposable vape pens, as these save them time with recharging the pens and keeping them full consistently. These disposable pens come with or without a battery and refillable heating chambers. The ones without the battery and heating chambers are usually smaller than the other varieties and are meant for one-time use. These are more discreet than the non-disposable ones and can be easily enjoyed by users even while traveling. After the oil or the concentrate in the disposable vape pen is depleted, then they can be discarded. These pens offer great flexibility as the users can vape while they travel in Marijuana legalized states, and discard them as they travel to airports and countries where consumption is illegal. Vape cartridges also come in varieties, which the users can choose according to their needs.

Vape Cartridges

Vape cartridges vary according to the contents. The most popular types are as follows:

1. Raw Cartridge
All cartridges contain cannabidiol. However, some of them do not contain terpenes. These are organic compounds that are found in cannabis plants that offer aroma and flavor to the user. Raw vape pen cartridges are the ones that contain only cannabis and no terpenes, or any other flavoring agents; they are also void of cutting agents. Since many users prefer to vape the purest form of Marijuana as it is, the raw cartridges are popular among long-time users. However, beginners often prefer the cartridges with terpenes to get their choice of flavor and aroma from the vapes.

2. Strain-specific Cartridge
The strain-specific cartridges come in various strains such as Indica, Sativa, Hybrid. These cartridges are reintroduced with the natural terpene of the Marijuana plant, which is often removed in the distillation process. The strain-specific cartridge also has a huge consumer base who prefer their choice of aroma and flavors in the vape.
Irrespective of the choice of the cartridge, it’s important that customers get the best and high-quality vape cartridges in their Disposable Vape Pen. This will help them enjoy their vape, relax, and unwind. 

Benefits of using the Disposable Vape Pen

1. Smoke-free
Vaping causes no smoke, flame, or combustion. It offers a mouthful of Marijuana-infused smoke, which the consumers can enjoy. Thus, vaping is better for health, as well as the environment, as compared to smoking cones and joints.

2. More efficient
The average concentrate levels of THC range from 80-90%. Hence, users get the euphoric effects faster than smoking joints. Therefore, vaping is effective with instant pain relief, reduce stress and anxiety, and provides relief from insomnia. Users suffering from chronic pain or prolonged depression prefer to use vapes because they are directly absorbed into the bloodstream and the effects start showing up immediately. Moreover, the results also linger for a long time with vape pens.  
3. Less Odor
Since vaping involves no smoke, the odor is less prevalent than smoking, and it disappears faster as well. 

4. More discreet
The packaging and appearance are discreet, and vape pens are portable. They are used as and when the user wants without bothering anyone around.

5. Easily available
Vape pens are easily available, and they can be purchased online from authentic sources like MOM. You can enjoy them anytime and anywhere.

6. Customization offered
Vape pens are available in various specifications such as disposable, non-disposable, with battery, without battery, with buttons, buttonless, along with cartridge varieties. Therefore, there’s a vape pen for every person out there.

7. Travel-friendly
Disposable vape pens are a traveler's best choice. They have a small size and can be used and disposed of when the cartridge is depleted. This saves time and effort of charging and refilling the cartridges. While traveling, users can vape and dispose of them on the go.

MOM offers the best quality Disposable Vape Pens in Canada. Customers have entrusted them for a long time, and they ensure superior quality Marijuana. Whatever be the vape pen and cartridge specifications, all of them need to adhere to the quality standards. Hence, it’s advised to buy the disposable vape pen only from the best and authentic sellers for medicinal or recreational purposes.