Between rent or mortgage payments, day-to-day expenses, and various bills, life gets expensive very quickly. Everyone constantly tries to find ways to cut back on monthly spending to have some extra change in their pocket when the month ends, for emergencies and for fun. One of the ways that you can cut back on your bills is by lowering the cost of your utilities.

How do you do that? It may sound easier said than done, but the truth is that it is rather simple and requires just a few small and easy-to-implement changes. Here are a few ways you can drop your utilities bills and save some extra money.

1. Shop Around for Local Providers

The easiest way to drop your bill by a decent margin is to search for a company in your area that provides cheap electricity. Utility companies know that you, the consumer, have options when it comes to electricity, water, gas, and more. And while they won’t openly advertise it, they are fighting to maintain an edge over their competition by constantly offering deals and changing up prices.

Some utility companies will also source their electricity from different energy providers in an effort to keep your monthly rates lower. All in all, it pays—and saves—to shop around.

2. Fix Up Your Lights

Lights are one of the biggest utility bills that people pay. We all occasionally forget to turn off lights when we leave a room. Something as small as double-checking when you leave a room to make sure the switch is flipped can save you astronomical amounts on your bill over time.

You can also opt for energy-efficient lightbulbs. Many newer homes and buildings come already equipped with this type of eco-friendly lighting, but if you aren’t already using them, consider switching out your old bulbs. It’ll provide better lighting, be more friendly for the environment, and save you some money on your energy bill.

3. Improve Your Window Coverings

Proper and efficient window coverings can regulate the temperature of your home without bumping up your air conditioning or thermostat. In the cold winter months, leave your blinds or curtains open to allow the sun to do some warming for you. It won’t completely keep you warm and cosy, but you won’t have to bump the temperature up quite so far.

Plastic coverings during especially cold months are affordable and can add a little extra protection. In the hot summers, certain heavy blinds and curtains can keep sunlight out and keep your home cool instead of warm, saving you from turning on your aircon constantly.

4. Cut Out Water (When You Can)

Some people pre-rinse their dishes prior to putting them in the dishwasher. The truth is that many newer dishwasher models have all the features needed to break down and eliminate food particles without the pre-rinse. Cutting out this habit can save you a surprising amount of money on your water bill.

Also try to keep your showers short, and never leave your water running when brushing your teeth. Little things like this can add up.

5. Upgrade Your Appliances

The newest appliances, from dishwashers to dryers and more, come fully equipped with the best upgrades you can find. As regulations regarding energy efficiency and eco-friendly technology continue to evolve, appliances are becoming more and more “green” friendly, and typically more energy efficient. With efficiency comes decreased costs. Furthermore, old appliances tend to use more energy when they begin to degrade, so you can’t go wrong with some upgrades.

6. Check Your Air Filter

Regularly changing your air filter will significantly decrease the amount of energy your aircon system needs to put out in to cool or warm your home. The above steps are a great bonus, but something as simple as changing your air filter can surprise you with its results.


Utilities are a necessary cost, but there are ways to make it work for you. Changing a few habits and making some adjustments are the simplest ways of finding yourself with a little extra cash at the end of the month. Start saving now!