You get one bite at the cherry when it comes to sourcing and hiring an injury lawyer so rather than randomly searching the Internet for the company with the largest advertisement, stop! There are some questions you really should be asking before you make a commitment.

What kind of experience do they have?
It’s always best to look for an injury lawyer who has chosen to specialize in that field, rather than a general lawyer who takes on cases from several sectors of the law. The more successful cases they have under their belt the better; plus lawyers with a good amount of experience in both pre-court and in –court settlements have the advantage of knowing lots of insurance adjusters and judges – including the way they work. Look for someone from a local and well-respected company, such as a Folger Law Firm- Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer.

Do they have good reviews?
There are both statewide and general online sites where you can find reviews of injury lawyers, and notes of any complaints registered against them. By looking at reviews and recommendations from a variety of sources you can be more confident that you are getting an accurate picture.

Do you feel you can trust them?
An injury lawyer can have all the right qualifications and proven experience you like, but if as a client you just don’t feel you can trust them to give your case the attention it deserves then it’s fine to move on and look elsewhere. This is, after all, what the initial meet and greet is for.

What’s their track record like?
Ideally, you want to land an injury lawyer who is a great negotiator with insurance company adjusters way before the case gets close to court, but an equally good lawyer in the courtroom if things are unable to be settled before that point. Lawyers who know the local scene and are familiar with the insurance assessors, as well as their attorneys and the judges who work the circuit have a great advantage at all stages of negotiation.

Does their fee system work for you?
No win – no fee (contingency) payment arrangements are mainstream these days, and they definitely remove any worries about losing and then facing huge legal bills. Plus a lawyer is unlikely to take on your personal injury case if they don’t have every confidence of getting you a good result. There may be other costs, however, such as the fees for any expert witnesses needed, and admin costs for incidentals such as photocopying. Don’t forget to agree on how and by whom these will be paid.

Will they handle your case themselves?
It’s not unknown for a senior lawyer to appear as your contact name but for a junior member of staff to actually do the work. If you are keen to work with the person you have spoken to and got to know and trust, make sure that’s how things actually work.