There are many ways in which one can make money online. One of those ways that may sound unrealistic to some people is by playing online video games. The online platform has enabled the gaming industry to advance in ways that one could possibly think would be impossible some time back. 

The revenue generated from online Gaming Marketplace proves that surely there is money to make from playing online games. There are a couple of sites that facilitate this money making from online games possible. Most of them are platforms where buyers and sellers convene for games trading activities amongst other gaming related services. 

You can count on sites such as fragrr marketplace and others where you can register and start transacting right away if for instance you would like to buy or sell a gaming account. Other services offered by and other reliable sites are such as power leveling services, accounts selling, game boosts and so forth. If you would like to make money from online gaming, you should make up your mind on being patient, persistent and also willing to put up effort. Even the most accomplished online gamers and streamers started from somewhere and that is at the starting point, and slowly built their way up to success. 

If you are a beginner looking to start off from somewhere, you should be aware of various ways in which you can choose to start from and start making money from fragrr or other related sites that facilitate the same. So, what are some of the ways in which you can make money from online gaming experience?

Ways of Making Money from Online Gaming Experience

These are some of the realistic ways through which one can make money from online gaming;

Streaming; this is where you use a streaming site to live stream yourself playing a game with viewers watching. Sites such as twitch and YouTube can be used for this and with many followers or subscribers, you can monetize ads or get paid for the views you get per stream. 
Testing games; you can get paid from testing games. When developing games, developers will hand them for testing before releasing or launching them with the aim to find out if there are any issues to be fixed before completion. You will get paid for testing such games for bugs or any other issues. 
Creating tutorials; with the many types of games in the market, gamers especially those that are just starting out need help in understanding how to play some of those games. Creating guides or tutorials is one way of showing such gamers how such games can be played. You can use a website or create a YouTube account where they can access your content and subscribe for it. You can make money from ads or the number of views per upload. 
Selling games accounts; you can create online games accounts and later sell to those who are having trouble opening theirs and make money while at it.