Video slots are still the hottest thing in every casino. Whether you play them online or in a land-based casino, you will easily notice that slots are everywhere and they totally dominate gambling rooms. Today, you can even use all kinds of bonuses to get ahead while spinning the reels, and playing online slots & casino games up to 100 spins on PrimeSlots has never been easier.

One of the reasons why slots enjoy such popularity is jackpots, and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this article.

Jackpots represent a maximum amount of money a player can win while playing certain casino games. The size of a jackpot can vary and depend on several factors, like your coin size, casino rules, game rules, the time you win, and more.

There are essentially two types of jackpots when it comes to slot games – fixed and progressive. Every video slot includes at least one or the other. We are now going to explain the main differences between them and you can then decide what type you prefer. Keep reading!

Fixed Jackpots
The majority of slot games, whether online or land-based, come with a fixed jackpot. This jackpot is obtained when a player lands a specific combination of symbols determined by the game’s rules. These are usually the highest paying symbols in a game, and only if you get all of them in a single spin and in a particular order, you will win the jackpot.

The reason why these jackpots are called ‘fixed’ is that their size is predetermined (which isn’t the case with progressive video slots). That means you are always going to get the same multiplier no matter what. Fixed jackpots can be obtained even if you decide not to wager the maximum amount. However, the more you bet, the bigger the jackpot. Fixed jackpots are almost always smaller than progressive ones, although they’re nothing to sneeze at, as they can make a player rich nevertheless.

No matter where you decide to play, each slot game will at least give you a possibility to earn a fixed jackpot. If you want to learn about new slot sites, the Slot Spinners site is a great place. Note that all of them feature games with big prizes.

Progressive Jackpots
Progressive jackpots are rarer than fixed ones. In fact, they don’t even exist on some casino sites. However, if you open an account on some of the most popular online operators, you will surely find more than a few such jackpots.

Progressive jackpots differ from fixed ones in the sense that they are not predetermined in any way. Instead, the size of the jackpot increases each time a game is played until one lucky player wins it. Once that happens, the jackpot will reset and the process will start all over again. As the size of the prize increases, more and more players get interested in that game, so the jackpot grows faster. Because of this system, progressive jackpots can go up to several million dollars in size, which is much more than any fixed jackpot can offer. 

As far as the rules go, they are pretty much the same as those for fixed jackpot slots. You need to land a specific set of high paying symbols in a certain order. Progressive games usually have a condition that a player must wager the maximum coin size in order to be eligible to win. You can win smaller amounts with smaller bets, but not the jackpot itself.

Some of the most popular and profitable progressive video slots include titles such as Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, Jackpot Giant, Major Millions, Hall of Gods, and others.

While progressive slots can make you a multimillionaire, they are much harder to win. But if you feel it’s your lucky day, and you have some money to spend, go for it. Fixed jackpots feature rewards that are not as impressive. Therefore, they are suited for players who don’t like to risk much. So it all comes down to what kind of a player you are.

Whatever you do, gamble responsibly and with knowledge. Whether you like slots, sports betting, cards, bingo, or some other casino games, be careful and understand the risks. Each form of gambling and betting has its own rules, like this article explains, that you need to understand in order to be in control. Apart from that – good luck!