Thanks to many tiny house TV shows and several YouTube channels on the subject, people are growingly warming up to the idea of living in a small space. Transitioning to a smaller home can allow families to let go of the non-essentials and start cherishing family time over material stuff. Even with the perks of living in a tiny home, there is no denying that the transition poses its share of challenges. 

The smaller living quarters forces family members to coexist instead of constantly retreating to their individual hives. Limited storage spaces in most tiny houses also forces residents let go of things.

While the concept of living in a cozy nook with your loved ones sounds romantic, it needs practice and mental preparation to ensure a smooth transition. The following are the 5 things that will help you mentally prepare before moving to a tiny house.
Understand Why You Want to Live in a Tiny Home
 It’s time for introspection. Do you really want to live in a tiny home, or do you find the concept of tiny living fascinating? Those two very different things. If you do want a smaller dwelling for your entire family, then try and figure out the things that draw you towards this new life choice. What do you expect would happen after you move into a small space? For most tiny home veterans, it’s the active engagement with their loved ones. For a lot of families, it’s about leading a minimalist lifestyle. There are also families who choose to live in tiny homes to save on mortgage bills.  No matter what your reason, make sure you have a crystal-clear idea about why you are making the transition.
Learn to Let Go of Things You Don’t Need
While it’s entirely possible to cram in a lot of storage units inside an innovatively designed tiny house, you still won’t have the storage capacity of a regular sized home. This means you need to let go of clothes, shoes, and other items that you don’t need.
Don’t Compromise on Comfort and Family Time
Tiny living is not about compromising on comfort and most importantly family time. Ensure the prefab design you select has ample seating areas for the entire family. The home should also include comfortable beds for every single occupant. Luxuries such as air conditioning and a full-sized fridge should not be undermined.
Live Out of a Suitcase for an Entire Week
One of the ways to test yourself is by taking a regular sized suitcase and filling it with clothes and shoes. Once that is done, try and live out your suitcase for an entire week. You can access the stuff in your kitchen and your bathroom, but make sure all the clothes you wear comes from the suitcase. While a tiny home offers more storage space, this should help you mentally prepare with the transition.
Be a Part of the Tiny House Community
To find support whenever you need it, join online tiny house communities. You can even contact owners of tiny houses as most of them welcome new members into the community. Being part of the tiny living community will help you stay strong, especially when you are struggling to find support or receiving criticism for your choice.