Planning a wedding can be both exciting but also exhausting and stressful. It is essential that you have a clear idea in your mind early on of what your likes and dislikes are to make the process a little less daunting. 

The first thing you’ll be ticking off your list is the venue for your wedding, as this is one of the pricier items on the list. You’ll need to decide how big your wedding is going to be and how many guests need to be accommodated. 

If you’re planning on having a huge wedding party, then a marquee may be the perfect option for you. These are the eight key rules to consider when hiring a marquee for your wedding:

1.    A Draped or Transparent Option

Depending on your style consideration, you can choose which one is perfect for the atmosphere you’re trying to achieve. A draped look is efficient for an old classic, romantic, and soft feel. When choosing a transparent marquee, you can have a more chick and edgy look while incorporating the beautiful landscape in your décor.

2.    The Size

The general rule when hiring a marquee is to allow at least two square meters per person. For example, when hiring a tent from Big Top Hire Canberra, if you have one hundred guests, you need to choose a marquee of two hundred square meters to accommodate a bar, dance floor, a small stage and tables for the guests.

3.    Lighting

Lighting plays an integral part when making your space looking beautiful aesthetically. LED festoon lights are a perfect choice for weddings to create a festive and romantic atmosphere. 

4.    Flooring

A well maintained lawn is perfect for outdoor events, but every wedding must have a dance floor for setting a festive tone. There are many options available to provide you with a custom design.

5.    Weather Consideration

Make sure you check the weather forecast ahead of time and make sure you have everything under control to make provision for unexpected weather changes. You have the option of changing your marquee sides to glass and hiring umbrellas to shield guests from walking to the reception from the parking areas can make all the difference in case of unexpected rainfall.

6.    Lead and Strike Times

When you’re hiring a venue, you are required to cover the costs for the days you’re using it. Take into account that setting up and breaking down of a marquee requires several days, depending on the size of the tent. In addition to this, all the other elements such as floral designs, furniture, and décor. You could be looking at more or less four days. Make sure you take this into account when you’re hiring the venue.

7.    Making a Checklist

There are so many options available on the market to make your wedding day unforgettable. From hiring tables and chairs, incorporating your choice of lighting, the layout of your reception to the type of cuisine you’ll be serving. You practically have a blank canvas to paint any way you want. Just make sure you make a checklist to tick all the arrangements off the list and making sure you do not forget anything.