Investing helps your money make money so you can save up for the nice things in life like retirement. There are many good times in life when a person earns up to the mark during his career peak and during this time the extra money should probably be invested for future security.

Same as peak times there are times when people are unable to perform due to any circumstances of luck, on this point the invested amount plays a vital role. At least making an investment plan leads to support your back whenever there is need or just to increase the income.

Same an entrepreneur doesn’t want their business to lose money neither does a private individual that invests in the market. But whether it is business or personal commodity earnings can be high or low. Worse still you could lose everything you’ve invested. If you can afford to risk losing it all then have five main options for investing.

1. Prize Bonds 

By buying prize bonds one can put away their money with the chance to win big. They are kind of like a raffle only you get the entry fee. If you don’t win anything your money is still available and you haven’t lost any. The prizes are often tax-free and often governments will insure prize bonds up to a set amount. This means if anything bad happens the company holding the bond the government will give you the cash. 

2. Stock Exchange

The stock exchange is a popular means to invest money. When you invest in a company that’s publicly traded you could gain or lose money in seconds. Buying individual stock can be a good if you believe that the company has a strong future ahead. Exchange Traded Funds are advantageous as they allow you to invest in a broad chunk of the market rather than an individual company. 

3. Real Estate

Investing in a real estate can be risky but it is another popular way to invest. In some big cities, the price of property has grown 10-15% some years. In some other areas property prices have plummeted over night. When you buy property, you should take into account that you will have to maintain it each year and you may have to pay someone to manage it for you.

4. Gold 

The prices of gold have increased many years, who knows if this trend will continue but it’s a promising one. But buying gold doesn’t mean jewelry itself, physical bars or coins can be a superior choice. 

5. Robo Advisors

Robo Advisors do all the investing for you and tend to invest your money in stocks, bonds and real estate. They are a relatively new phenomenon and are growing in popularity particularly in the US & Canada. Below is a little information about some popular robo advisors in Canada. To help you choose the right one check out this detailed guide on the best robo advisors.

Wealthsimple charges 0.5% for investments under a hundred thousand and 0.4% for the above that amount. 
Nest Wealth is available for large investors and charges monthly from $20 to $80.
RBC Invest Ease is a new robo advisor and it charges 0.50% of every dollar invested.
BMO SmartFolio creates human-made investment plans, they charge a fee of 0.70%.