In this day and age, nicotine lovers have far more choices at their disposal. Some people prefer sticking with the conventional cigarette, but this may very well be a horrible mistake. The truth of the matter is that cigarettes come with an abundance of risks. Switching to e-cigarettes may very well be a safer alternative. There will still be some risks involved, but it is undeniably true that e-cigarettes are almost certainly better than smoking. You’ll find out how this is the case in the guide below.

Less Lethal

Most people do not look at the bigger picture. They understand that smoking cigarette is causing serious problems for their health. However, they’re not fully able to look at the future. They fail to see that cigarettes are lethal. Smoking cigarettes for a long period of time is going to reduce your lifespan as much as ten years. It is believed that e-cigarettes may be healthier. If you smoke regular cigarettes, you’re going to be consuming far more toxins and nicotine. In return, you’re going to be much likely to develop a serious disease.

With e-cigarettes, you’re able to avoid so many toxins and nicotine. Therefore, e-cigarettes are most likely healthier than the conventional alternative. This is why many people are going with alternatives like Aqua Vape.

More Flavor Availability

Cigarettes have always had limitations when it comes to flavor. In fact, tobacco and menthol are the only flavors that are legally sold in most countries. While manufacturers would like to utilize spices and herbs to enhance the flavors of their cigarettes, it is not always legal. 

With more flavor availability, people who smoke e-cigarettes have a lot more options. Finding a flavor to satisfy your taste buds will be quick and simple. You can also enjoy your e-cigarettes without concern of health risks.

Helps Fight Unwanted Cravings

Most people who continue to smoke cigarettes do it because they do not want to deal with undesirable withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include everything from severe cravings to moodiness to poor concentration. With that said, there are ways to fight unwanted cravings associated with tobacco withdrawal. One of these ways is with e-cigarettes. The e-liquid utilized in e-cigarettes will help reduce the symptoms associated with withdrawal. 

Less Addictive

While additional research is needed, current studies claim that e-cigarettes are actually less addictive than conventional tobacco. It is not clear why e-cigarettes are less addictive, but some experts believe that it is due to the lower nicotine content. If your primary goal is to stop smoking completely, it is vital to stick to a low-nicotine vape or e-cigarette. This is how some people are able to wean off of conventional cigarettes without experiencing withdrawal symptoms.


At the end of the day, the matter is no longer debatable. Research and scientists agree that e-cigarettes are a safer alternative to conventional tobacco. Anyone who is smoking and cares about their health should consider the safer alternative. The transition is guaranteed to be an easy one, since e-cigarettes contain the same addictive stimulate, nicotine, as conventional tobacco.