We never know what to think when we think of our future. We have doubts, we become anxious and sometimes we’re afraid of the unknown. Sometimes we can feel optimism, but we still don’t know if things will work out the way we want them to. Many of us have even consulted with fortune tellers, had our palms or our cards read and sometimes we end up more frightened than before we had someone take a look into our future. Acknowledge your fear and keep moving forward. 

Have you ever spoke with a psychic and she confirmed everything you’ve been feeling? Afterwards, you had a sense of peace because she had a way of putting things into perspective for you. This service from 1-800-psychics.com can give you some assurance when you need it. Here are 7 strategies for calming down if you’re anxious about the future. 

Know that things take time
Live in the present
Stay focused on the present and not the end result
Stop trying to control your life
Know that you don’t have to be perfect
Be prepared
Be grateful


Sometimes we need to stop pressuring ourselves and realize that certain things take time. Anything worth having will take effort and it will take time to cultivate. We live in a microwave society and when we want something, we want it immediately. Life doesn’t always work like that. Take your time and continuously reassure yourself and know things will work out the way they are supposed to work out. Sometimes when you microwave something, it doesn’t always come out right, some patches are cold, some patches are overdone. If you had just stuck it in the stove where it could have taken the time to do what it needed to do, it would have been perfect throughout. Take your time and allow things to happen when they should.


Sometimes you have to leave the past in the past. Focus on what’s happening now. Dredging up old memories and regrets will only make you more anxious and it can be depressing. You’ll start to feel like you’re not as accomplished as you should be. We can become so obsessed with our future that we forget to live in the moment and enjoy it for what it is. We have one life to enjoy, being anxious and nervous all the time will not help. It will only add unnecessary stress to your life. Start enjoying the small things in your life that we usually overlook; like a beautiful day, nature or just being healthy and alive. Stay in the present and you’ll find yourself feeling a little less anxious and feeling a lot happier and in tune with yourself.


Again, we want to microwave results. We aren’t able to always see instant results when we go through something. Many people become discouraged when they don’t see something happening fast enough. Relax and go through the process, even if the end result isn’t what we want it to be right away, don’t worry about it. It’s not the end of the world. Going through the process builds character and teaches us patience. Whatever the end result is, accept it and if you’re not happy with the result, guess what? You can always give it another try. 


Have you ever heard the saying “everything happens for a reason?” Well, we can plan whatever we want, but it doesn’t mean that things will go exactly the way we planned them. Whatever is meant to happen will happen, no matter what we do. We have to give ourselves permission to mess up at times, otherwise, we will keep disappointing ourselves. If we do mess up, it’s okay. Allowing yourself to just be human will take a lot of pressure off. If we’re constantly trying to force what happens in our life we don’t get to enjoy just living. We’re too consumed with trying to force certain situations to happen and when they don’t happen the way we want them too, we beat ourselves up and we do it all over again because it’s a recurring cycle.  


You’ll never be content as long as you think and expect your life to be perfect. You’ll continually be disappointed. Having high standards is okay, but if something doesn’t happen the way you think it should, let it go and move on, it will happen in its perfect timing. A perfect life is what we make it and what we perceive it to be. We could have a thousand problems and be at peace within, but still consider our lives perfect, or we can have no problems and not have peace within and yet consider our life a mess. It’s all about how we look at things. 


Always stay prepared. You never know what opportunities may present itself. Stay positive no matter what happens. Being prepared can ease your anxiety and motivate you to stay prepared.


I can’t stress enough how important it is to be grateful. We take so many things for granted that we forget that there are people who are worse off. We have so many things to be grateful for and we don’t even realize it. Being grateful can bring out positive emotions and it allows us to acknowledge the good things that have happened in our life. Practice gratitude and watch how your life changes. 

Bottom line, because we don’t know what the future holds, all we can do is stay in the present and enjoy it while we can. Trying to figure everything out by ourselves all the time can be overwhelming and tiresome. Apply the above-mentioned strategies to calm yourself and watch your anxiety disappear and your life become a little more stress-free. It’s okay to not know everything, give yourself a pass to relax and enjoy the moment.