S5 car trackers are not just your average, run of the mill vehicle tracker, but Thatcham approved and venerated by insurance companies.  

In fact, many insurers specify an S5 tracker to be fitted to any personal vehicle worth over £75,000 and any fleet vehicle worth £50,000 or more; such is their trust in this model of alarm to protect the asset they are insuring. And yet you don't have to have a high-value car to benefit from a high-end but affordable tracker. No car is safe from thieves, and many people would be lost without their wheels – you can’t put a price on priceless.

CAT 5 re-branded
The S5 was previously known as a CAT 5 but was re-branded in January 2019.  Those on the street, as well as the industry, know (and car thieves too!) that an S5 is the highest spec car tracker available on the market and simply the best you can have fitted to your vehicle, whether it is your personal pride and joy, family car or part of a high-end business fleet.

Tackling vehicle theft
What makes an S5 so different to other trackers is the introduction of driver recognition. Without the keys, the majority of modern cars are much harder to steal and so in the past, the modus operandi of criminals has been to focus on taking the keys in order to steal the car. Once the keys have been obtained and inserted into the ignition – the vehicle has no way of knowing that you are not the rightful owner and so naturally (just as would happen if you inserted the key into the ignition) the vehicle can be started and driven away. Although you can then initiate tracking once you realise your car has been stolen; precious minutes or even hours may have already passed.

Driver recognition
In order to tackle this trend and try to bring a halt to the increasing numbers of vehicle theft before they even happen; Thatcham worked with the police to bring out driver id key cards to halt car theft in its tracks.

Time is of the essence
This means that as long as the driver ID is kept separate from the keys –even if the keys are stolen and the car started– the tracker will quickly realise that this is unauthorised activity. It will then emit a silent alarm to the control centre which can quickly begin tracking your vehicle and at the same time alert the police and you that it has been taken.

The benefits speak for themselves and include:-
-        Reduction in insurance premium costs
-        Increased security and reliability – everything the CAT 5 was renowned for and more!
-        Movement sensor alert
-        Battery disconnect alert
-        24-hour monitoring
-        A small shock-proof unit that is easy to conceal within a vehicle
-        Level one police response including remote engine immobilisation on police request (an option not a requirement). Once the engine is turned off, it cannot be re-started which means the police can effectively recover the vehicle.

Innovative in fighting car crime
The S5 category’s innovative tracking system no longer simply applies to just the tracker concealed within your car (as previous Thatcham criteria has done so) but now covers the whole system – the design, installation, operation and maintenance; with quality and security criteria being set and audited at every level meaning increased security and reliability. Thus an S5 vehicle car tracker is defined as one of the highest class vehicle security tracking systems available on the market today.