Finding the best portable generator requires a bit of work, a portable generator is very different from a regular standby generator. So, you’ll need to look out for many different attributes when it comes to buying a  portable generator. By design, they are going to be less powerful machines but they offer more versatility.

A portable generator is also going to be used in more varied locations like camping trips for example. So, let’s take a closer look at what you should be looking for if you want to buy a portable generator for your home.

The Power Level

Portable generators aren’t as powerful as your conventional standby generator but that is the cost of having a more portable appliance. Portable generators still come with various power levels though and some are more powerful than others. Examine appliances that you are going to be using with your portable generator and ensure any generator you buy can offer enough wattage to power them.

The Number of Outlets

A portable generator is a valuable appliance for all kinds of situations and activities. If you are going camping or caravanning then it is a great way to ensure you can power your home appliances. But the number of sockets your portable generator can will be limited. I’d advise looking for one with at least three and ensure it offers more than just standard plug outlets extras like USBs are incredibly useful on portable generators.

The Fuel Type

Portable generators can be powered by numerous different fuels, gas is more common but it less efficient than the alternatives. Diesel portable generators are often quieter but are less common and more expensive. Solar powered portable generators are more eco-friendly and probably the quietest option when it comes to generators but they are one of the more expensive options available.

The Noise Level

You really don’t want a noisy portable generator but finding a quiet model can be tricky. As I mentioned previously the fuel type is what plays a big part in the noise levels of a generator although some models are designed to offer quiet running. A quiet portable generator is going to be a big bonus so lookout for generators with quiet running features of focus on more quiet types like solar-powered models or diesel.  

The Weight

A portable generator is going to be much lighter than your typical standard conventional generator. But they can still be surprisingly heavy appliances make sure you examine the weight of any portable generator before you buy it that way you can ensure you can more easily move it about. However, you may still have other options if your portable generator is too heavy.

The Portability

Portable generators are not always going to be easy to move not for everyone anyway. Some have built-in handles but others will require a wheel kit to be able to move about more easily. Make sure you take this into account and don’t always take the phrase portability at face value.