One of the best ways that you can promote a business is through a trade show; this is where you can showcase your new products. Here at ExpoMarketing, we provide these solutions to you as we have been in the trade show industry for years, we create customized solutions for businesses across the United States. We make sure always to give out the best as we also understand you need the best to be the best. We have learned over the years on how best we can promote your business, how to attract audiences, and how to sell product and services.

What makes ExpoMarketing Unique?
ExpoMarketing is an award-winning design and fabrication house; the company works with all types of clients and types of businesses. Regardless of the size or new in the market, we will provide customized trade show displays that suit your needs to get your results. We take our clients seriously by making sure we meet your expectations; our team will go through the best layout, graphics, furniture, lighting, flooring, and engineering. With our team of experts, we will make sure to bring your idea to life by using the latest technology. We will not only design an attractive display, but we also make sure they are catchy to the point that they create a sense of curiosity.
The process
We are in this business because of you, and that means without you we have no business. This is why we take our time to know you and your brand; we will ask you several questions so as to know how best we can create a custom trade show that represents your brand. When all the design and pricing is approved, we start building immediately. This is normally a collaborative process, after completion of the trade show display we normally request for you to come and see it personally or we send you a picture before we move it to your trade show location. This is done to ensure that your expectations are met and if there any other adjustments needed we always make room for that.
We have a team of experts that are innovative enough to make you stand out on the showroom; this boils to your brand having an unforgettable experience with the clients. We offer customized services to our clients; this is collaborating with you every step of the design in order to make sure you get an exhibit design that suits your brand. This is providing designs that are unrivaled in the industry, we have heard great successes at showrooms and throughout the years.
Why at ExpoMarketing?
Here at ExpoMarketing, even though our focus is on your display having an impact, we also want you to have a great experience with us. Our team will work round the clock to make sure you get what you need on time in order to make your trade a success. We value all our client's opinions on what they want, but we also try to give out how best your idea can be placed or which design fits your brand. Our success is not only making your great designs, but we go beyond selling to creating a relationship with you that will result to your brand success, we will discuss on when is the right time to place your trade show, where its best located in the showroom, and the best season. This is because, from the experience we have had over the years, we have mastered the art and science in the business. Even though sometimes the trade shows are unpredictable, we have a team that is always ready to help if any issue arises on site.