People underestimate the need for a water-resistant watch until they witness their watch functions differently. In fact, some even believe that waterproof watches for swimming is the only option they have to mitigate the damage. We all make promises to take care of the things we buy so we can have them for a longer time without any deterioration. However, it’s unrealistic to expect to be lucky with our things all the time. When you buy a good quality watch, it can be an expensive transaction. Moreover, when you have an expensive watch, but water enters and ruins it, you’re left with a huge loss.

While you can’t cry over spilled milk, what you can do is take precautionary steps so that your watch functions properly even while being exposed to some inevitable accident. So, here’s why when you buy your next watch, it should be a waterproof one.


If you love water sports and you pursue such activities often, you would definitely need one of those waterproof watches for swimming and other water activities. When you wear a normal watch and forget to take it off while you’re in the water, you end up causing severe damage to your timepiece. However, a waterproof watch would still work in a pool efficiently and even in deep waters.


Taking your watch off every time you wash your hands can be an annoying and repetitive process, especially if you’re a germaphobe and you wash your hands quite often. You need to be cautious when you wear a normal watch as water could seep through and ruin the mechanics. However, this is not the case when you wear a water-resistant watch; you can wash your hands without constantly worrying about damaging your watch.


If you live in a place where it rains a lot or where the weather is always changing, you have to be extremely careful about your belongings that could sustain damage from water. While you would already be panicking about your phone, earphones, laptop, etc., you don’t have to worry about your watch if it’s waterproof. 


UNDONE is the best-known brand when it comes to customizable watches. When you visit their website, you have the freedom to choose each component and its color while your designer brings it all together and transforms your idea into reality. However, if you’re not that excited about designing a watch and would rather buy a premade one, UNDONE lets you pick out of their collection. The Aqua Standard watches are a range of waterproof watches for swimming. Here’s a list of the best UNDONE Aqua Standard waterproof watches.


Aqua Black is a monochrome watch from UNDONE, and as the name suggests, it’s a full-black piece that looks classy on any outfit. Everything from the dial and bezel to the strap of the watch is black in color. The only exception is the hour markings and the hands of the watch for the obvious reason of visibility.


Aqua Gun has a more cowboy-like design, comprising of its signature brown colored watch band. The band has white stitching, which adds a nice contrast to it. The dial of the watch is black in color while the hour and minute hands, as well as the hour markings, are in yellow. The second hand is red, setting it apart from the hour and minute hands. The bezel is a bottle green color, giving it an overall different look.


Aqua Cool Grey is a serene combination of light shades of grey and white. The belt and dial of the watch are also grey in color. The dial case is silver in color, and the bezel is white with black markings on it. The hour markings on the dial, however, are white in color. The hour, minute, and second hands are a combination of white and silver giving this watch a classy appearance.


Aqua Rose Gold is a beautiful combination of three colors that go hand in hand, making the watch colorful without being too much in your face. The strap or belt of the watch is a matte maroon color while the dial is black. The watch bezel is a unique shade, close to the lightest shade of mauve. The hour and minute hands are white in color and the second hand is rose gold. The dial case and hour markings are rose gold in color as well, which is where the watch gets its name.

All these watches are waterproof, which means you don’t have to worry when you go swimming or to the beach. You can also customize these watches according to your preference if you’re not a fan of any specific component of the watch. Waterproof watches are worth the investment since they last longer. If you have had a history of causing damage to your watch by exposing it to water accidentally, then you need to pick up an UNDONE waterproof watch.