Our memory preserves the sweetest moments of our life, and what could be sweeter than being newly-weds, honeymooning somewhere beautiful and enjoying life the way it can only be don when you’re utterly in love and happy?

Be silly and fun together, enjoy lazy afternoons and passionate nights, do stuff together! And if you want to pamper your spouse and show how much you care and enjoy their company - cook something decadent. Here’s a few tips to make your honeymoon even more unforgettable.

1. No-phone-rule.

Seriously, leave your phone in a safe in your hotel unless it’s an emergency. No, not even a quick chat with Mom. Nope, your boss can wait as well. Time will fly by, so it’s best to just relax and be in the here and now space. Take walks, enjoy vistas and each other’s company, let the outside world stand by for a few magical days. It can wait!

2. No plan is a great plan.

Spontaneity is a precious thing, really, a spice of life. A general plan is good, but you may not want to write out every single minute of your trip, because if something goes not according to the plan, you may feel frustrated. Let the circumstances surprize you. Or, who knows, you may get inspired and come up with a grand idea or going skinny-dipping in the middle of the night and have the time of your life together. And, if you decide to laze away an afternoon instead of going sightseeing, you won’t feel guilty if you hadn’t planned the sightseeing tour ahead. 

3. A surprise field trip.

Speaking of sightseeing, this is actually something that can be planned. You can surprize your spouse with a lovely excursion. Many touristy places offer private guide services, so it can be just the two of you! Or you can even google the place, create a route and be a private guide to the one you love yourself!  Does that sound like a 100% romantic stuff to you? Sure does to us!

4. Go out! Meet people!

A vacation is a perfect opportunity to connect with the locals, learn about new cultures or just meet fun people. It doesn’t really matter whether you will share a chat or a drink in a bar or maybe you can even make friends for life, it sill still be a new experience and the one you will share with your spouse. 
5. Impress your spouse with a lavish meal!

It doesn’t really matter if your loved one is already in awe of your superior cooking skills or if you both prefer eating out and don’t usually cook. Cooking for someone you love or cooking together with someone you love is always a cherished experience and a great way to connect and communicate. 

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