Sometimes you come across a period in business, work or even just general life where you are lacking a bit of spark, inspiration and direction.

It is easy to become disheartened. Especially with the world of social media, Instagram, and everyone displaying their success and wins right in front of your face. And we have to remember 85% of these are forced, and probably untrue to their reflection.

Within your organisation you may have hit a stage of growth stuttering. It happens. You often have a little high and then the regression to the mean can hit you quite hard. And to continue to build towards the next level of development.

When you hear about these motivational speakers it can often be a bit cringey. They are very enthusiastic in person and create an influence through their manipulation of words and powerful presence.

But for sustainable value from these speakers and leaders’, there needs to be an application of perspective which is relatable to your own situation and small nuggets of information which can change your life day-to-day. 

You may tune in to motivational speakers on the commute to work or see them through a paid advertisement or similar alternative. But some content rally is so good that you will go out of your way to consume their daily vlog or weekly article. 

Because you need that information as it has a genuine influence on you positively. Check out the following speakers for some new inspiration to take forward. 

1. Eric Thomas

Well Eric is a person who remained homeless for over two years, dropped out of high school and got his college degree over twelve years of time. Any idea what happened next? He is the most passionate person who never accepted his failure and kept on moving. He became one of the famous motivational speakers in the world after telling his “The Guru Story” ten years ago at the University of Michigan. This story is all about making yourself successful and whatever is required for that should be done right now instead of procrastinating it.

2. Felecia Hatcher

Another best and youngest female motivational speaker of the world who uses her failure as a key to motivation and never believed in giving up. She is famous for making her own luck as she was known as the dumbest student in her school life. Her failure motivated her for running a successful business instead of breaking her down. And today, she is the author of almost five different books and has been honored as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 at White House back in 2011.

3. Marc Wayshak

Marc is an amazing motivational speaker with most of his speeches based on science and research and hence gives the data driven approach for selling and increasing sales figures drastically. He is also an author to two books based on sales and motivation in which he uses his data driven approach to make your business successful in no time.

4. Tony Robbins

Tony has a tough family background who bear an abusive environment in his childhood. He was out of it at the age of 17 when he felt the need of some fresh air. It was a time when the inner leader of Tony came out and today, he is one of the best motivational speakers, an author and the seminar host. He believes on setting goals as the first step in order to gain anything further in your life.

5. Les Brown

A person who was soon given up for adoption after getting born in a family having low income living in an abundant building. Les was even declared as a mentally retarded student in his schooling time but with the help of his own will and of course encouragement of his stem mom, he is now known as the best motivational speaker. He believes firmly on self-confidence which can take you from zero to anything you have ever aimed.

6. Zig Ziglar

Zig is a person who traveled around the world to deliver his motivational messages from 1970 to 2010. Yes, he has traveled for forty years and is a great example that surpasses barriers of age, culture and occupation. He is known as the best motivational speaker and an author in the world who believes in keeping a close eye on your acts while reaching your goals. He is a great motivation for people who hate their jobs and you may even search his great speech over this issue.