Handguns are the most common type of gun, but that doesn't mean boring. Check out these handgun attachments and accessories for your next day at the range.
There are few sports that walk the fine line between relaxing and dangerous, but target shooting is one of them. It takes zen-like focus to hit your shots, and no matter how good you get there is always a new challenge to take up or improvements to make. 

The key to improving your shooting skills is practice, however, there are a number of accessories and attachments to help you step up your game. In this article, we'll go through the top ten handgun attachments that will help you improve your performance at the range.

1. Rail System
One of the best handgun attachments you can buy is a rail system. A rail system is a set of metal or plastic strips that attaches to your gun and allows you to attach different accessories. 

Attaching a rail system at the end of your barrel allows you to attach a number of accessories, such as laser sights, tactical lights, or even a camera. Attaching a rail system to the front of your pistol near the front sights allows you to attach optics and other accessories to your pistol, which can increase the visibility of your target and increase your accuracy. 

2. Optic
Putting a new optic, or sight, on your pistol can really improve your accuracy. Using iron sights can be difficult for many shooters since it requires proper alignment of front and rear sights to be accurate. 
With an optic such as a red dot or holographic sight, however, there's no need to line up the sights; just aim and shoot.

Both holographic and red dot sights are great options for an optic. Red dot sights are cheaper and more widely produced, which makes them a great option for less experienced shooters. The reason holographic sights are more expensive and perform better is that they have more technology put into them and are more adaptable than red dot sights.

For example, if the center of your holographic sight window gets covered in mud or dirt, the sight will automatically adjust. It will place the reticle in a part of the sight window that isn't covered, such as the right or left part of the sight. And the best part is, your accuracy won't be impacted at all!

3. Pistol Grip
The way you grip your pistol has a big impact on your accuracy, so having a comfortable pistol grip that fits your hand is one of the best ways to increase your accuracy. 

There are a wide variety of pistol grips to choose from, including rubber, plastic, and wood grips, each with different benefits and looks. But if you want to increase your accuracy the most and ensure a good, comfortable grip, you'll want a texturized rubber grip.

A texturized rubber grip offers a number of advantages at an affordable price point. The texturized surface is grooved and soft which makes it easy to grasp and comfortable to hold, making it easy to shoot even when your hands are sweaty or muddy. 

Rubber grips often come with finger molds which can offer a more secure fit. But the best advantage of a rubber grip is that it is durable and will not be as affected by the elements such as heat and cold. 

4. Extended Magazine
When you just don't have enough rounds, the extended magazine is the best handgun attachment. Many handguns have a standard magazine that holds anywhere from 8 to 15 rounds, but extended magazines usually hold anywhere from 18 to 30 rounds, more than doubling the capacity of most standard magazines. 
These magazines can hold so many rounds because they use what is called a "double stack" in their design. Rather than hold all the bullets in a straight line or "stack", the rounds are held in an offset pattern, like a zig-zag. Using extended magazines means less reloading, meaning you can shoot more targets and get more rounds down range. 

The laws about extended magazines are different in each state, and some states have a ban on high capacity magazines. Be sure to check your local and state laws regarding extended magazines so you know how many rounds your magazines can hold. 

5. Magazine Well
The best way to master a quick reload is to practice, but even a seasoned professional has a magazine well on their pistol. A magazine well is a flared piece of metal or plastic that sits at the bottom of the pistol grip where you insert the magazine. 

The sides of the magazine well are tilted slightly outward at a 45-degree angle from the base of the pistol, which helps guide the magazine into the pistol during fast reloads. Without a magazine well you are forced to put the magazine into the weapon just right, which can be hard when you're moving fast and trying to insert a small magazine into a slightly larger opening. 

If you use a magazine well, the flared sides guide the magazine right in, meaning you don't have to perfectly insert the magazine when you're in a hurry. 

6. Trigger Spring Kit
A trigger with a consistent, clear break and a light trigger pull is one of the best handgun attachments you can buy. Trigger "break" is the point where the trigger is pulled far enough to release the hammer and make the gun shoot. 

When it comes to the break of your trigger, you want a trigger that breaks in a consistent way every time. That means that when you pull the trigger, it reaches the point where the shooter feels resistance, called "the wall", and doesn't move farther back until enough pressure is applied to make the trigger break.  

A new trigger spring will reduce the weight of the trigger pull, making it easier to pull the trigger and make accurate shots. Trigger spring kits also come with a new trigger, which is more durable and higher quality than factory triggers. 

7. Upgraded Barrel
At the end of the day, a pistol is only as accurate as the person firing it. But if you want unmatched accuracy under any conditions, a drop-in, match-grade custom barrel is your answer. 

A custom barrel, usually made out of a unique alloy, will maintain its accuracy even under high temperatures. When standard barrels get hot they can warp or soften, which can change their performance and affect accuracy. 

A custom barrel will not only stay accurate at high barrel temperatures but will also last longer due to higher durability.

Custom barrels can also come with "threads" at the end of it. Threads are tiny grooves that allow you to screw on custom accessories like compensators or suppressors.

You can even buy longer barrels and other accessories for your pistol and turn it into a carbine, or a pistol-rifle hybrid. Barrels like this 9mm barrel from Ballistic Advantage can help your pistol shoot accurately out to ranges of 100 yards or more. However, a custom barrel won't perform if it's not clean, so make sure thoroughly clean your barrel and other gun parts. 

8. Titanium Nitride Coating
If you're going to buy a custom barrel for your pistol, the next best investment is to get a Titanium Nitride coating for your barrel. A titanium nitride coating is a very hard coating that makes your barrel resistant to scratches and decreases friction by making the barrel smooth and polished. 

A titanium nitride coating (or "TiN" coating for short) reduces the chance of a feed jam or stove pipe due to the polished surface, which keeps the performance of your pistol consistent. A TiN coating will also extend the life of your barrel, which is a great benefit to those who spend the money to get a custom barrel.

9. Compensator
A good pistol marksman can make excellent "follow-up" shots; follow-up shots are rounds that are fired immediately after firing an initial round. Good follow-up shots are essential to hitting a target multiple times quickly or hitting multiple targets quickly. A compensator is a great pistol attachment that reduces recoil, allowing you to make quick and accurate follow-up shots. 

A compensator attaches to the end of a threaded barrel and has holes near the end of it, which allows gases to escape when the gun is fired and reduce the rise of the end of the barrel. You can also purchase barrels that have compensators that are built into them, which allow for very accurate shooting and follow-up shots.
10. Suppressor 
By far one of the most useful pistol attachments out there, a suppressor can be a game changer for the pistol marksman. A suppressor reduces the noise level, or report, of gunshots, which makes it easier on the hearing of the shooter. Some suppressors reduce the noise level so much the shooter doesn't even need hearing protection when firing the pistol! 

A suppressor (or silencer) attaches to the end of a threaded barrel and works by trapping and slowly releasing the gases that are created when a pistol is fired, which decreases the report by a large amount. A suppressor makes shooting less harsh on the hearing of the shooter, and can allow you to move your head freely because you won't have to wear hearing protection. 

The laws surrounding suppressors can also change from state-to-state, as some states allow them for civilian use and hunting, and some states have banned suppressors. Make sure to check your local and state laws to make sure you can legally use a suppressor in your state. 

A Mean Machine Awaits
Now that we've gone over the best handgun attachments to improve your performance at the range, now comes the fun part: deciding which parts to buy to build your own mean machine!

But buying handgun attachments isn't the only way to up your game at the range. For more ideas on how to mix up your target practice routine, visit more of our blog