If you are a gun owner, you must know the importance of cleaning your firearm. For long life of your gun, it is essential to maintain it properly. The major problem is the fact that most gun owners does not enjoy cleaning it. Most people would even prefer to reduce the number of guns that they carry just for the sake of avoiding to clean it. 

There are still a limited number of people who enjoy cleaning the firearm regularly to ensure that they are as efficient as ever and with a long life. Cleaning a gun without the use of proper tools methods and techniques could result to be a tiring experience. Cleaning can be fun if you know that right method to do it. It is important to realise that the use of proper tools and equipment would help you to clean the gun efficiently, but the improper method would result in damage to your armament. We have listed below five of the fantastic tips that can help you to clean your gun efficiently. 

•    Understand when you need to clean
It is essential to clean the gun regularly, but over-cleaning is also harmful to the gun as it could result in metal degradation. There are some guidelines and recommendations in this regard, but the amount of cleaning needed should depend upon the condition of the gun, the type of weapon and its age. You must, however, clean the gun every time you should get a corrosive load from it. 

•    Use effective cleaners
It is necessary to use the right Chemicals for cleaning the gun as a highly corrosive cleaner could result in affecting the quality of the metal. The high performing cleaners may all come at a higher cost yet they ensure that only the deposited Residue is removed whereas the metal is not affected. 

•    Choose the right cleaning kit
For getting the best results from cleaning, it is essential to have safe Gun cleaning kits. A lot of people do not give importance to the use of right brushes and rod when cleaning the gun which ends up giving a poor cleaning result. You may not be able to a particular kit for each kind of gun that you have but make sure that you have different kits that can cover up the requirement of cleaning all the ones you possess. 

•    Use the right oil
by keeping the gun lubricated with oil not only reduce the friction between part but also help in protecting the armament from moisture which is one of the prime causes of metal degradation. When you are buying oil, look for bottles that come with long needles to apply. 

•    Store your guns properly
When storing your firearms, you may not be worrying about the effort of cleaning weapon but remember that if you put your gun in a storage location which catches moisture soon, the amount of work that you would need to clean it later would increase. Put your gun away from the reach of children as well as from thieves in case of a house break but do ensure that you are keeping them at a place where there is no corrosion or unwanted deposits.