Vaping has received numerous controversy since it first started, with those either being for the practice, or those being completely against it by posting horror stories of e-cigarettes blowing up, and worse, but what they don’t tell you is that this is potentially the effects that happen to literally a miniscule amount of people compared to accidents and problems that occur from smoking regular cigarettes. 

The main problem when the fad first started, is that there wasn’t very much evidence to support the cases of all of the benefits, but after the last couple years, there has been significant research that points out numerous benefits to prove why vaping is better for you. In this article, we’re going to pit vaping vs. smoking and let the results show for themselves.

Benefits of Vaping
E-juice websites are all over the world like Canada Ejuice, and while not much is known about all of the chemicals that are used during the production, the main chemicals in vape “juice” is just propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Other than that, you can get vape juice with adjustable levels of nicotine to help curb the cravings for cigarettes, and some have added color and flavorings to make them taste better. Here’s some of the benefits of vaping:

Vaping contains less chemicals than smoking cigarettes.
Vaping is not as bad for your health, and is easier to quit over time.
You can decrease the amount of nicotine in your vape juice, but not your cigarettes.
Vaping is not as harmful and is less risky than cigarettes are.
While vaping does release “second hand” vapor, it is also not as harmful as second-hand smoke.
You can get any flavor or strength you want.
Even the health risks in general are much less when it comes to vaping.
Vaping tools/pens/boxes are compact and can easily be used anywhere.

Now onto the Cigarettes
Smoking cigarettes has been a pastime for many years in cultures all over the world. What we do know is that it produces many cancer causing chemicals when you burn tobacco (a topical carcinogen). Smoking one pack a day can reduce your lung capacity by up to 50 percent over time, and up to 80 percent with prolonged use (about 5 years). But we’re going to talk about benefits so you can see a comparison.

Nicotine and chemicals in cigarettes react to dopamine receptors and increase mood.
Smoking cigarettes can protect you against Parkinson’s disease.
Nicotine from smoking cigarettes can curb appetites and aid in weight loss (though this isn’t recommended).
Smoking has been linked to lowering the risk of knee-replacement surgery due to weight.
While smoking can cause heart problems, it can also help keep smokers from having heart attacks after they’ve had one.

While anything is bad for you in excess, vaping is the much healthier alternative, and for good reason. The same things that can “help you” in cigarettes can in conjunction kill you, which is something that is not good. And with things like cancer soaring in many people, the majority of them are actually smokers of cigarettes with tobacco use being linked to approximately 40% of literally all cases of cancer each year.