These days the regulations of the immigration system keep getting tighter and they are changing all the time and because of that it is extremely important to have a strong legal support system to rely on so that you can successfully navigate your way through this overwhelming process. In order to ensure that you have a very trustworthy Toronto immigration lawyer, there are some things that you need to be really mindful of and some questions that you should ask the lawyer before hiring them.

1. Where is the lawyer licensed?

People don’t give a lot of thought to this question, because they assume that all lawyers will have a licence which is why they are in the business. This is not always the case which is why you have to make sure of the following things:
• Is the attorney licensed by the state of Toronto?
• Does the lawyer specifically have a license in immigration law? This is because sometimes they argue that immigration and federal laws are the same things. 
• Has the lawyer ever been involved in misconduct of services?

These questions are highly important and they are important for you to make sure because they will ensure protection for you as a consumer of legal services if things are to go wrong.

2. What does the lawyer specialize in?

An attorney who claims to be proficient in everything is a huge red flag for you. In the field of law, it is extremely difficult to specialize in multiple areas and this is why you don’t want a lawyer like that to represent you. What you need is lawyer that specifically concentrates in immigration law, as that will be their strong suit and you will know that they can adequately represent you.

3. How much experience do they have?

The more the experiences the lawyer, the better they will handle your case. Just as you would want an expert doctor diagnosing and treating your problem, you would want the same level of expertise from your lawyer so you can be assured that you are in good hands. In order to make sure of this, you should be sure of the number of years they have been in practice, and if they have dealt with cases similar to yours because not all immigration cases are identical.

4. How big is the law firm?

Even though some people prefer to have just one attorney working on their case, without any help from other lawyers but in some cases it is important that you have some sort of back up especially if your case is a critical one. You need to realize that everyone in the law industry need to have some sort of help, and a team of lawyers is usually better than just one. For this reason, it is advisable to look for law firm that has been around for sometime and that they specialize in immigration law.