At Express Appliance Repair, our years of experience have provided us with several vital lessons. One of which is the fact that home appliances have changed significantly within the last few decades. Now, more than ever, appliance repair services are a priority.

Common household appliances like your fridge, oven, stove, and washer have grown more complex over the years.  With new advances in technology, our appliances are starting to look and perform like something out of a sci-fi story. The need for a reputable and reliable appliance repair company is greater now than ever. 

Prompt and reliable appliance repairs

A timely appliance repair is the best solution when your refrigerator, oven, washer, or other appliance fails. A prompt repair by a professional will also save you time and money. Same day appliance repairs ensure that you do not have to wait long for the fault to be diagnosed and repaired. The team at Express Appliance Repair arrives quickly and with all the appropriate tools. We also stock our vehicles with a selection of parts to help speed up the repairs and avoid any delays. 

There are some who believe that replacing a faulty appliance is the best way to go. This might be the case if the repairs cost a significant amount. However, in almost every case, professional repairs are the best for your budget and time concerns. Replacing an appliance will involve a reasonably long search for a suitable alternative. In addition, a new appliance will cost more than the part you wish to replace. In the event that several parts need to be replaced, the total cost could exceed the value of the appliance and, in this case, replacing the whole appliance is a more financially viable solution. No matter what, it's always worthwhile having a professional diagnose the fault and provide an estimate for the repairs before making any decisions. Repairing the appliance will also mean that you will get more use out of it and, therefore, greater value for your money. An appliance that lasts for almost two decades will prove to be a far greater investment than one that is replaced after just a few years. 

Experienced technicians you can rely on

Another common misconception is that appliance repairs are easy enough to perform yourself without any experience or training. As mentioned earlier, appliances have come a long way over the years and they are more complex than ever. With so many electronic components, it's no longer a matter of simply removing a panel, unscrewing a faulty part and replacing it with a new one. Even appliances with the most basic of functions have become incredibly complicated to repair. This is why appliance repair Toronto experts are in such high demand. 

Appliance repair services address all of these concerns, and more. Reputable appliance repair professionals stand by their work by offering their clients peace of mind in the form of a warranty and satisfaction guarantee. With more than 25 years of experience, Express Appliance Repair has built a solid reputation by providing every customer with the highest level of service and quality repairs. 

Whether you need an appliance repaired or you're on the fence about a possible replacement, contact Express Appliance Repair at (647) 483-9051 where experts are always happy to help.