A pair of scissors is one of the most frequently used tools of any modern kitchen. With relentless use, your scissor tends to get dull fast. If you are having difficulty while cutting with blunt scissors, you need to sharpen your pair of scissors. But getting them sharpened professionally might cost a pretty good amount, which you can save easily with some common household items. Even you can have a look on The Tools Freak for more tips and tricks.

So, let’s see 5 simple ways to sharpen your scissors without sharpener: 

1. Sharpening with sandpaper:

Sharpening scissors using sandpaper is one of the most used and cheap methods. For this method, collect a piece of medium grit sandpaper. Fold the sheet in half, keeping the rough sides outward. Cut the sandpaper with the scissor, about 15-20 times. Then turn the scissors over and repeat the process. You will the difference with each strip. The duller the scissor gets, the more time the process will require. To get them sharpened completely, you need to run the entire length of the blades. 

When the whole process is complete, wipe down the blades of the scissors with a wet cloth.

2. Sharpening with foil paper:

Aluminum foil is one of the widely used kitchen items which you can also use to sharpen your dull scissors. Get a 10-inch aluminum foil paper and fold it a few times to give a thin, flattened shape. Then cut the foil paper just like cutting sandpaper to remove burs and nicks from the scissor blades. Start cutting from the base of the scissor and slowly move towards the end of it.

Now, wipe down your scissors with a dampened paper towel and get it ready completely. Unless your scissors are horribly blunt, just a few cutting stripes should prepare it sharpened as new. 

3. Sharpening scissor with a sharpening stone:

Sharpening scissor with the help of a sharpening stone is also an easy alternative. This type of stone is easily available in hardware shops, that too in different sizes. Usually, there are two sides- coarse and finer sides of such a stone. For a horribly dull bladed scissor, you first need to sharpen with a coarse side and then finer side while for a little blunt scissor, only the finer side will do the job. 

So, here is the process:

If your stone is new, soak it overnight in machine oil. Start sharpening holding the sharp edge of one blade against the stone and then move towards another blade. Repeat the process until you achieve desired sharpness. When the process is complete, wipe down the scissors with dampen towel before use.

4. Sharpening scissors with a glass mason jar:

Generally, we have some unused mason jars in our kitchen which we can easily use to turn our blunt scissors into a sharp one. Open the scissors as wide as possible and then carefully position the blades around the jar. Then act like you are cutting the jar. Use the whole length of the scissor blades for even sharpness. When you are satisfied with the sharpness of scissors, stop and then wipe down the scissors. Now, enjoy cutting as with new one. 

5. Sharpening scissors against another object:

You can also sharpen your blunt scissors using a screwdriver or sewing pin. Here goes the same method like that of Mason jar. Open the scissors as wide as possible, then place the screwdriver or sewing pin between the scissor blades and close down as if you are cutting. Move the scissors from top to the toe on the metal shaft. Do the same for both blades until you are happy with the sharpness of your scissors. 

Then wipe down the scissors and experience the amazing result. 

However, to preserve the sharpness of your scissors for longer, take good care of them. The best practice is to use different scissors for a different task. And whenever you feel that your scissors are getting dull, don’t delay to get them sharped. Hope, these easy methods will prove beneficial for you to keep your scissors in good condition, always.