If you're looking for a better vaping experience, you may be considering Suorin Air Pods. But what are they and how do they make it better? Read on to find out.
With vape sales at record highs, jumping up 500% between 2011 and 2016, more and more products are hitting the market. This can make it confusing to pick the right one for you.

Vapes that use the pod systems have been selling more recently, and there are a few to choose from.

The Suorin Air was one of the best-selling mini-vapes on the market in 2018 and for good reason. Suorin Air pods are affordable and last longer than others. Let's talk about this product.

What Is a Suorin Air?
Suorin is a company that sells mini vapes. Particularly mini-vapes that use the pod system.

The pod system is a type of vaping device that has one main device that is rechargeable, and they come with disposable cartridges (pods) that you replace when necessary.

Suorin has two best-selling products: the Air, and the Drop.

The Drop is shaped like a raindrop, performs similarly to The Air, and is a little more expensive in terms of upfront costs.

The Air is a rectangular shape that is roughly the size of a credit card, it is thinner and lighter than the drop, and it is more affordable.

The most expensive part of the Suorin Air, like any other pod vapes, is the continuous purchasing of pods.

What Are Suorin Air Pods?
The disposable pods for the Air fit the shape of the device, and are held in tightly with a magnet on both the bottom of the pod and the top of the device.

The pods are what holds the e-liquid and the atomizer in two different compartments.

The cotton from the atomizer sticks out into the side of the pod that holds the e-juice and absorbs it to the cotton surrounding the coil.

The cost of pods can vary by store, but they often last about a week with heavy use, and should not cost more than $4 to $6 to replace. Compare that to smoking!

Confusion Around The Product
Some confusion has taken place over the Air recently, so let's clear that up.

There was a version 2 of the Suorin Air released, but it was not marketed that way. The Suorin Air 1 and 2 look almost identical, weigh about the same and have the same dimensions. So what is the difference?

The newer version is temperature controlled, meaning it uses a different material for the coil and the device itself. Other than that, they are the same product.

The Suorin Air is a small, lightweight device that is operated by a sensor. When you inhale, the device heats up a coil without a need for pushing a button, giving off vapor.

When the device is being used, a blue LED light will turn on to signal that it is working. The light will blink when it stops from too long of a pull to prevent the coil from getting overheated.

The light will turn red when the battery is getting low. When charging, the light will flicker red when the battery is low, blue when the battery is at half-life, and it will turn solid blue when it is fully charged.

Upon purchase, you will get the device itself, a charger, and your first pod. The device comes in many colors. However, the pods are currently only sold in translucent black.

Benefits of Suorin Air
Suorin Airs offer a lot of benefits compared to their competition, as well as larger vapes like pens and box mods. Here is a list of some of the product's best perks.

The Price
These devices come are extremely affordable. If you smoke cigarettes and are looking to switch to vaping, Suorin Airs will run you $25 for a starting device, before adding any type of e-liquid.

People who smoke a pack a day will be spending a lot more than that every week on cigarettes, so this is a really smart and easy investment to make.

Check out the costs of smoking to see how big of a difference this can make in your budget.

Suorin Airs are also more affordable than many of their competitors, especially in the long-term. Some of the other perks listed will help you save money on pods, batteries, and chargers.

They Are Refillable
Unlike many of their competitors in the pod system industry of vaping, the pods are refillable.

Going back to price, this saves a fortune in the long run. Each pod is comparable to the price of a Juul pod, they can hold more liquid, and they can be refilled for as long as the coil works.

Many heavy users of mini-vapes will run through a pod in a couple of days, so how long do Suorin Air pods last? With the ability to refill and the stronger coils, they tend to last between 5-7 days of heavy use.

For contrast: if you spend $18 on a pack of 4 pods for a similar mini-vape and you go through that pack in a week, you could easily be saving $10 to 15 a week by using a Suorin Air.

Not only that, but they are also very easy to refill. The pods go in and out of the device with very little effort, but the magnet keeps them in place when desired.

Once out, simply grab your e-liquid, pull the red tab out from the bottom of the pod, and refill.

They Are Easily Concealed
Their small size makes it impossible to notice in your pocket, and it can fit in the palm of most people's hands, unnoticed.

This can be handy at work, or around your family who you do not want to know of the habit. They are small, flat rectangles that can fit in your wallet, so they are easy to hide!

The large amount of e-liquid they can hold can also make it easier to avoid to bottle from showing during short-term events or occasions. They do not need to be refilled as often as some of their competition because of their large tanks.

They Charge Quickly
One of the biggest complaints with people who use box mods is that they take too long to charge, and the batteries are too expensive to buy spares to keep charged.

Luckily, the Suorin Air takes less than 20 minutes to charge fully and can last for hours of regular use afterward. Take care of the battery, and it will keep running.

With the price and all of the other amazing benefits they offer, check out some Suorin Air Pods today!

How Suorin Air Pods Are Changing the Game
For a vape starter kit, or somebody looking for a smaller device, there are clearly a lot of benefits to the product.

Now that we have discussed some of its benefits, let's talk about why it is becoming a game changer in the industry that deserves more credit than it's getting. 

There Is an On-Off Switch
Some of its competitors, or even other Suorin products, do not offer this feature. Why would you need it though?

With a vape that doesn't have a button, and begins to fire because of a sensor that starts when you inhale, wind and other factors can make trip the sensors on similar pod vapes.

That can damage your coil, burn the cotton, and ruin the pod. That goes with the other vapes that use the sensor method. The ability to turn it off when it is in your pocket or sitting around can be invaluable.

Try to keep the habit of turning it off, even though auto-firing is unlikely with the Air.

It Helps Quit Smoking
You may be thinking: "Don't all vapes help you quit smoking?" Yes, they do.

However, these devices are compatible with nicotine salt e-liquids, they produce smaller clouds that are similar to smoking, and they come at a cheaper price than most other devices. This makes them an invaluable option to people looking to quit smoking cigarettes.

Check out the guide on switching from cigarettes to vaping to learn more.

They are Micro-USB Compatible
Not only do they charge quickly, but they use a standard, universal charger that is used for plenty of other devices, including many phones.

Many other vape pods are starting to follow in the same direction as Suorin on this, knowing that it makes charging easier!

This can help you save money on chargers, pods, e-juice, and the device itself. What are you waiting for?

What Else?
Suorin Air is clearly a revolutionary device in the vaping world. 

Whether you are quitting smoking or looking for an affordable and different vape system, look no further.

The Suorin Air Pods are cheaper, they are bigger, they last longer, and they keep a great taste for your juice every time!

If you are looking for a starter kit, check out the pros and cons of vaping before you get started!