If you’re visiting Auburn Alabama, and you like burgers, well…you’ve come to the right spot.
Predictably, there are plenty of options in Auburn that will tickle your taste buds, whether you’re more worried about a traditional, all-beef burger or something a bit different and more creative, then Auburn has you covered.

Let’s take a quick spin through the top five burger options in Auburn.

1. Sheila C’s Burger Barn
We’ll start with something a bit more traditional. 

Sheila C’s Burger Barn is all about good old-fashioned burgers with fresh fries. It isn’t going to wow you with a huge selection of options to pick from, as the menu is focused on the basics: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, BLTs, and hot dogs are the main entrees.

You can pick and choose what condiments you want on your burger, and they’ll make it to order in under 10 minutes. Your fries will also be fresh, so no worries about soggy potatoes at this joint.

This is simply exactly what you’d expect in terms of a fantastic burger. If you want something fancy or off-the-wall, then Sheila C’s Burger Barn isn’t for you. If you just want a delicious burger, then look no further.

2. BurgerFi
BurgerFi is a regional chain that outshines many of the other regional burger chains that you’ve likely tried before.

BurgerFi’s menu is somewhat simple with a handful of meat options and a handful of options for non-meat eaters. The options are a bit fancier, at least in that they include plenty of creative ingredients. The patty itself a bit on the thinner side but explodes with plenty of flavor.

The fries are one of the more unique elements to BurgerFi, as they are a steak-cut option with a unique and delicious flavor.

If you want a slightly more diverse menu with creative options and awesome fries, then hit up BurgerFi when you get to Auburn.

3. CheeburgerCheeburger
Another small chain that has a great reputation as somewhat of a throwback option.
All burgers on the menu are gigantic, so if you show up with an appetite, you won’t be disappointed. Plan to customize your own burger based on the toppings you prefer. Plus, there are plenty of side options, from fries to fried pickles and more, you’ll have to take an extra moment to decide what to go with.

4. Cook Out
As the name might suggest, Cook Out offers plenty more than just burgers. In fact, you can pick up almost anything that you’d expect to find at, say, a backyard cookout.

From barbecue to hot dogs to chicken to burgers, there is plenty to choose from. And while the burgers are probably what they’re best known for, they have a massive menu of more than 40 milkshakes to pick from. If you can dream-up the flavor, you can order it at Cook Out in Auburn, AL.

5. Niffers Place
Niffers Place is technically located in Opelika, which is adjacent to Auburn, but it’s delicious enough to make this list.

Indeed, the burger selection is creative and the burgers themselves are juicy. You’ll also find generous portions that will surely be right in line with your hunger level. If you aren’t feeling a burger, there are plenty of other options to eat, too, including fish, southern-style foods, and plenty of sides.