What is it about Denver that everybody wants to move and live there? To our amazement, this city which has grown by 100,000 residents in only seven years. There is clearly something about Denver that is very appealing to all fellow Americans. We were trying to find the answer to this puzzle, but eventually we ended up with more than just a few. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when living in the biggest city in Colorado.

It’s the capital
First of all, Denver is the capital city of the state, and it speaks volumes. That means all the funds are going to this city, and it is supposed to have the best facilities of all kinds. Tourists are also keen on the capital, as there is a great offer of entertainment venues.

Wonderful weather
The fact that this city gets 300 sunny days a year is basically self-explanatory. Imagine 300 days of sunny mornings and guaranteed good moods. That’s probably one of the main reasons why cross country movers always have Denver in their timetables. Of course, the city gets it share of snow, too, but it never stays for too long, which is especially appreciated by the drivers.

Great transport
Not that you necessarily need to have your own vehicle in order to commute. The bus and train transport is excellent, and there are enough bicycle lanes for you to cycle to the office. An excellent city for all environmentally friendly people, isn’t it?

Fine neighbors
Speaking of friendliness, Denver residents seem to be perfect neighbors. They are nice and hospitable, polite, and most of all, minding their own business. For those of you who are accustomed to over the top congeniality, their manners may seem a bit cold at times, but it’s much better when your next-door neighbor is more interested in their own life rather than what you bought at the supermarket, or how much you paid for your vacation.

Low taxes
Not all of them, of course, but if you’re thinking of buying a property here, we’ve got good news. The property taxes are among the lowest in the state, and you’ll see just how much they are important when you calculate all the expenses included in buying a new home.

Job vacancies
The unemployment rate is very low compared to the rest of the country, so you can count on getting hired the moment you settle down. The employment programs are very good, and the median salary is higher than the national average. As for the industries, technology, agriculture, aerospace and even fast food companies thrive here.

Recreational cannabis
If smoking weed is your way of unwinding, then you’re already aware of the fact that recreational use of cannabis is allowed in the state of Colorado. Still, it implies that you can enjoy it at licensed places, and that you must be of age.

There are plenty of advantages, but it’s hard to name them all. So, if you have itchy feet and you were pondering moving to a different state/city, with lovely climate and great economy, call the moving service, and get packing! You surely won’t be disappointed.