If you think that you need to replace your windows, the chances are you’re right.

Sometimes home improvements are more obvious than others, and when it comes to your windows, the warning signs can be clear.

Still, you could be wondering how serious some of the signs are and whether you need to take action now or if you have time to put it off. Here are some of the signs that you need to replace your windows.

Drafts Are Coming In 

The weather could be telling you that it’s time to replace your windows. If you can feel a breeze on your hand through the window or your front or back door, then it’s time to have a professional check for problems.

If your windows are letting in a draft even when shut, then it could be an issue with the seals or even a problem with how they were installed. 

Drafts can cost you a significant amount of money regarding energy bills, and you should look to eliminate them as soon as you can.

Noise Filters In

If the amount of noise from outside traffic or people passing by is louder than you might expect, then the windows could need replacing. They may have been poorly made, or the materials could be low quality. The windows could be old, and you’re in need of double glazing. 

C&D Brooklyn Roofers can recommend different types of materials that can be used to reduce noise from outside significantly.


If you often see condensation building up in between the glass, then this is a sign that the seals are not working, and they need to be replaced.

Condensation on the outside of the glass can be perfectly normal, however, and is usually nothing to worry about.

Visible Damage

Sometimes the wear and tear that comes with old windows will become more apparent. If this is the case, then even if they still perform well, you may want to replace or repair them based on aesthetic reasons.

However, decaying frames can result in a build-up of moisture. If this is the case, your windows will need urgent attention to avoid costly damages to your home.

Difficulty Opening and Closing 

An issue with the balance of the window can be the result of poor installation.

Rotting windows often open and close with difficulty. This might cause drafts in your home which, as we mentioned, can increase your heating bills. Furthermore, if they do not shut properly, then there’s an obvious safety concern for your property.

It’s probably been a long time since the windows on your home have been replaced, which is why you’re looking at reasons they might not be operating in the way you would expect.

Some windows still work fine, but owners want to enjoy the benefits that come with new, attractive windows. In the long run, it can save you money as your energy bills will be lower.

Also, new windows can increase the level of security on your home, which you can’t put a price on.