Do you want to open your own vape shop but aren't sure how to start? Here's everything you need to know about opening a vape shop and turning it into a success.

When you're an ambitious person who loves to vape, you've already dreamt about opening a vape shop. 

Why wouldn't you? Vaping and e-cigarettes have spiked in popularity in the last year. Across the globe, more people are turning to vaping instead of expensive cigarettes. 

Is it enough to open your own store? Well, America has a huge vaping market all by itself. Thirty-five percent of people buy their vaping materials in a speciality store rather than online. 

These numbers suggest that you should capitalize on this vaping boom.

So how difficult is it to open a vape shop? There are several things you have to consider, including state laws and buying a building. 

Opening a vape store can pay off in a big way, but you have to do it right. Keep reading for your guide to opening a vape shop in your neighbourhood. 

1. Do Your Research Before Opening a Vape Shop
Before you put money into this venture, you need to ask yourself some hard questions.

Some of these are basic, like how much you'll charge. Others are more difficult. Who is your competition? Are you ready to spend every waking hour on making this vape shop work?

Only you can answer these questions, so don't skip them!

2. Write a Business Plan
We know that opening your own business is exciting, but you need a plan! Otherwise, you'll be a year into this venture with no money and no clue where to go from there. 

Write a business plan before opening a vape shop. Trust us, it'll save you some major heartache. 

3. Figure Out the Legalities
In 2016, the FDA announced that e-cigarettes are in the same category as tobacco products. 

Because of this, you need special permits to sell vaping products in your state. Do some research on what you need before you go any further. 

4. Finance Your Vape Shop
You're not opening a vape shop if you don't have the money to do it. Find out how you'll finance your venture, and if you'll need backup finances (you will). 

5. Find a Location 
Unless you want to create an online shop like Smok, you'll need a brick and mortar location. This website here will provide you the clear insights on how an online vape shop should be or what has to be done to be a one.

It should be small enough to manage, but still comfortable. Find a place that's easy to spot, but isn't next door to your competition. Location is an important part of a business's success. 

6. Get Insured
Disasters happen all the time. If you're not insured, then you're out of luck. Insurance is one of the best investments you can make in your business, so don't skip it.

7. Find the Best Whole Sale Supplier
You won't be able to open a vape shop if you have nothing to sell. Do some research on the best vape wholesale manufacturers, and pick the best one for you. 

8. Find a Sales System
There are tons of sale systems out there. Some are low-risk, and some give discounts to vape stores. Do some research on good POS systems that keep you and your customer happy.

9. Build Hype
While you're getting everything together, start building hype around your business. This way you have customers the first day you open. 

10. Open Your Vape Store!
Congratulations, you've opened your vape store! Rock that first day on the floor, and grab a well-deserved drink afterwards. 

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