An elegant watch
A watch is always a great gift for an elegant man, and one can never have to many watches. Our advice is to opt for a timeless design, featuring a brown leather strap, and a classic white dial. Our advice is to opt for a timeless design, featuring a brown leather strap, and a classic white dial like from Bell & Ross. If you don’t know what type of design to choose, you can skip the watch, and instead get him an elegant watch case, where he can store his watch collection. 

A modern gentleman is the type of man that values class above anything else. Everything that he enjoys needs to be elegant, useful and of top quality. Sometimes, such a man seems like he has everything so it can be very hard to get him a gift that can rise to his standards. 

You may think that you need to spend a lot of money to get him a gift that he will actually use and enjoy. However, it isn’t about money, but about meaning and purpose. But don’t worry if you don’t have any inspiration, as we have some ideas that will surely impress any gentleman. 

A set of personalized ties
A modern gentleman likes to look sharp at all times, so he probably already has a wide collection of ties. However, one can never have too many ties, and a set of custom neckties would definitely complete his collection. You can order the ties online and choose the design that would best suit the personality of the gentleman in question. If you don’t know how to customize the ties, opt for his favorite colors and have them printed with his initials. 

A cocktail making set
Any respectable man should know how to make some basic drinks, but a man who knows how to make a sophisticated cocktail will definitely impress any woman. Make sure the set includes a recipe book, as well as all the tools needed to prepare any type of cocktail. 

An elegant business card case
Nowadays, most people keep their business contacts in a virtual agenda, but many businessmen still use classic business cards. An elegant business card case is a great way to impress at the next work party, and it is also an efficient way to keep all business cards organized. 

A shoe polishing kit
A man can be dressed in the most expensive suit, but his appearance can be completely ruined by a pair of dirty shoes. However, a gentleman will never be satisfied with just clean shoes, because he knows that a sharp image requires a pair of shoes that are as polished as a mirror. A good shoe polishing kit should include wax, cream and brushes. If you do a little research online, you can find classy kits that come in elegant wooden boxes.

A grooming kit
Whether the gentleman in question has a beard, a moustache or a clean shave, a grooming kit can make a great gift for him. For facial hair, grooming kits come with special brushes and waxes for keeping bears and moustaches looking sharp at all times. For a man that prefers a clean shave, consider some skin care products designed specifically for men. If your budget allows it, an electric shaver can also make for a great gift. 

A day at the spa
A gentleman works hard all day, and he deserves some relaxation from time to time. A day at the spa can be just what he needs to recharge his batteries. Include a sauna session, a massage, and several other spa services in the spa voucher to make sure he will make the most of this gift. 

Sports accessories
Any modern gentleman knows the importance of staying fit and healthy, so he is probably very active. There are numerous accessories that can make for a great gift for an active man. You can choose a set of sports socks, a pair of headphones designed for athletes, a fitness bracelet or a thermal shirt.