You'd think knockoffs are generally found in China, and while some are really bad, it goes without saying that China is getting really good at copying. This resort in Philippines on the other hand is really just starting out. Jed's Island Resort is a place where you'll find characters from Disney, Marvel and even Anime.

For example, here's a gigantic Gundam statue.

According to its website: “During its five summers of existence, Jed’s has welcomed actors and actresses, singers, and band members from showbiz as its guest.” BTW, this Gundam looks like it's on a diet.

Here's another angle of the anorexic Gundam.

If that's not enough, here's Baymax from Big Hero 6!

And since Frozen is so popular, better copy it just in case.

Copy all of their main characters!

It almost works. Almost.

If you think that's all, how about Mickey and the gang? There's Donald, Goofy, and Bugs Bunny too (what is Bugs doing there?)

The resort goes beyond Marvel, Disney and Anime. They even copied Avatar.

And they mashed up Snow White with 1977 anime mecha Voltes V.

Seriously who designed this resort?

To ensure they cover all demographics, here's their Sesame Street clones:

Big Bird must be on a diet we're sure.

Who the heck are these characters?!

Need superheroes? How about Captain America and Superman?

Because everyone will need saving from King Kong.

Finally, this one takes the cake because it obviously doesn't belong there: the characters from Clash of Clans.

All this copying is so funny, it makes me want to visit the resort.