According to this list by CafeMom, husbands are only super nice when they want to get in your panties. Be warned, as these cliches might cause your eyes to roll out of your head:

"Could I rub your back? You look so tired."

Is a back rub ever really just a back rub? The answer would be yes, especially if he's your masseuse. Unless if you're with a guy who's into role-playing fantasies.

"Can I do the dishes?"

Guess what ladies, you don't have to sleep with a guy simply because he offers to do chores. And if he retaliates by saying "But I took the trash out too!" then you know it's time to show him the exit.

"Honey, do we have plans tonight?"

Maybe the guy's forgetful. Or maybe he's just being considerate by asking first before making plans with his mates. Not everything is about you all the time, so don't drop those panties just yet.

"You look so hot."

The only way an adult male is ever going to say this is if he picked up his communication skills by watching the cast of the Jersey Shore.

"Can I get you anything?"

According to the description, "If your husband is asking about what you want form the store when he is usually the guy who forgets everything, then you know he has something up his sleeve." The more likely reason is that he doesn't want you to end up yet another surprise gift that you're never going to use.

"I got you flowers."

Why, who died?

"Want a drink?"

If a man needs to get his wife drunk in order to have sex with him, then something is seriously wrong with that relationship.

What's really infuriating about this list is how it typecasts husbands into tweet bots that can't seem to say "Let's have sex." If you're a decent guy married to a great lady, trust us when we say that your actions will probably speak much more than these lines ever will, so you won't need these kind of tips to get it on.