Sex is an integral part of most committed romantic relationships. Trying out some new positions is a good way to maintain emotional closeness and enhance your ability to satisfy each other’s needs. You don’t need to do anything crazy—even small changes can help you achieve better orgasms and generally enjoy a more exciting and pleasurable sex life.

Switching things up in the bedroom (and not only) can revitalise a sexual relationship. This article explores some of the ways classic penetrative sex can be varied. 

Although these positions are oriented towards penis-in-vagina sex, pleasurable effects can be achieved in other types of pairings by introducing sex toys and vibrators or otherwise adapting the ideas for your unique circumstances.

People have been trying out new positions as long as humans have been having sex. The Kama Sutra, written about 2000 years ago, is famous for its instructions on how to enjoy sex (even though that is only one part of this ancient guide to living well).

Some people feel a real heightening of the libido during menstrual period. You can opt for a quickie in the shower. The sexual position you choose also makes a difference. The missionary position—where the woman lies on her back — can also limit blood flow. Keep a wet washcloth or wet wipes by the bed to clean up afterwards.

Whether or not you want to make love during your period is up to you. Not everyone enjoys it, and many have had their opinions shaped by the associated taboos. You can track your period using WomanLog online calculator, when planning sexual dates.

There are many reasons for trying something new in your sex life. Excitement, anticipation, and renewed passion are three very good ones. Experimentation can help partners achieve better orgasms and varying positions can also make sex easier and more enjoyable for people with pain and mobility issues.

Communication is the most important aspect of sexual intimacy. Talk to your partner. Tell them what you are curious about. A frank conversation about trying something new in the bedroom can be a wonderful aphrodisiac and extended foreplay.

Researching new sex positions can be a great way to get intimate with your lover. There are so many guidebooks and games these days; find one you like and have some fun with it. But please remember, sex IRL isn’t usually as smooth and perfect as what you see in erotic materials or visualise in your own mind. 

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