For some, they meet and marry their partners almost immediately - as if they just know their other half is 'the one'. But for others, it takes years, or sometimes even decades to finally find the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Engagements and fresh marriages come with plenty of excitement. Your family and friends will undoubtedly be more excited than you at times, and it can get overwhelming.

What follows is a series of questions people say or ask married or to-be-married people. And it gets annoying. You've already managed to achieve the first two steps: finding 'the one', and then actually marrying them. Here are 16 of some of the most commonly annoying and crazy things people say to the almost-there and the married:

1. "So... when are you having kids????" (or a variation - "when are you gonna start trying?")

2. "You're not hyphenating and/or taking his horrible last name, right?"

3. "Are you still allowed to go out without him?"

4. "Hey, you know statistics show you have less than a 50 percent chance of this working out, right?"

5. "He'll make a great first husband!"

6. "How's the old ball and chain?"

7. "Congrats! Your sex life is over!"

8. "I always thought you'd end up with (insert name of an ex or person other than the new husband)."

9. "Is that true what they say about marriage killing your sex life?"

10. "Aww.. You probably already miss the single life, huh?"

11. "Your husband lets you wear THAT?"

12. "Why bother exercising/eating right? Now that the wedding's over, you can get fat!"

13. "Here's the card of a divorce lawyer I know in case it doesn't work out."

14. "Welcome to the club! Now we can be miserable together."

15. "Why are you doing your hair/makeup? You've already got him!"

16. "Are you going to continue working?"