After a certain period of time, you will find that having sex in the usual places will seem boring. When things are boring and dull, there is no point in hiring an escort. After all, you are appointing an escort to spice up your sex life. In these situations, having sex in the unusual places is the best bet. Bathtub sex can be a true adventure if you approach it with caution and adhere to the best practices. Listed are some of the best practices to stick to for orgasmic bathtub sex. 

The Popularity of Bathtub Sex 

Most people get confused between shower sex and bathtub sex and term both of these acts with the same pleasure. However, there are subtle differences between these sexual acts. Note that shower sex with a professional escort can be highly pleasurable. 

However, the main issue with shower sex is that it requires you and the escort to stand on a slippery floor. Either of you can lose control and sustain injuries in shower sex. On the contrary, bathtub sex happens on a stable platform where there are no underlying risks of slipping. Despite the popularity of shower sex, you should always indulge in bathtub sex with escorts.  

Arouse Her with Some Sexual Seduction 

It goes without saying that arousing the escort should be your main priority before indulging in bathtub sex. Refrain from throwing away the call girl into the bathtub in excitement and start humping her. Instead, you should take things slowly by arousing her. 

It is important that you make your bathtub sexual foreplay so unforgettable that she keeps asking for more. Consider using dark chocolate in the sensitive areas of her body to hear those delightful moans escaping her lips. 

Invest Time While Arousing Her 

It is crucial to invest a great deal of time to arouse the escort. Bathtub sex is a bit different as you will be half submerged in water. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to make her arouse gradually. Ensure that you employ all the right techniques of sexual foreplay while arousing her. From biting her breasts to licking her pussy, there are tons of things you can do to make bathtub sex exciting. 

Master the Art of Touch 

Do you know that there is a scientific reason why escorts prefer getting close to you during an encounter? If researchers are to be believed, hormones named oxytocin are responsible for this phenomenon. When you are about to start the foreplay session, touch the call girl while maintaining steady eye contact. 

She will be turned on instantly when you maintain eye contact. Listed are some other tips that will help you master the art of touch during bathtub sex. 

If you are having bathtub sex with the escort for the first time, gently caress her arms. 
If she is comfortable with a light touch, don’t rush things. 
Turn her up gradually by maintaining eye contact and touching various areas of her body. 
When you are in your comfort zone, you can accelerate things a little bit. 

If you have hired escorts from ListCrawler, ensure that you’re aware of the right foreplay techniques. These techniques will make the entire session more engaging and sexually exciting. 

Don’t Forget to Play Music 

You cannot go wrong by playing music when indulging in bathtub sex. Moreover, music comes in numerous genres that will suit your mood. You can play your favorite songs according to your mood. During bathtub sex, it is ideal to play songs that are intense and come with meaningful lyrics. However, if you feel like it, you can play some classical beats too. 

Choose the Right Water Level   

The first step to making sex in the bathtub memorable with an escort is to have the right water level. Note that there is no fixed value of the water level in the bathtub. People and bathtubs come in various sizes. For instance, if you have hired a BBW escort, the water level should be near the halfway mark. 

Experts suggest that you should never fill the bathtub higher than the hip height of the escort. Furthermore, to be on the safer side, it is always important to fill the tub with less water. Besides checking the water level, you should also check the overall dimensions of the tub. The bathtub should have enough space so that both of you can get in and out of the tub safely. 

Setting the Right Temperature  

Setting the right temperature in the bathtub can be the difference between normal orgasms and heavenly orgasms. It is always safe to start with hot water. Begin adding cold water to ensure that the temperature is comfortable. Experimenting with bathtub temperatures while bringing the call girl for sex is also a good idea. 

So, these are some best practices with which you can make bathtub sex exciting and memorable. To get the best escorts for bathtub sex, consider visiting the Ladys.One portal. It is one of the largest online portals where you can get verified call girls.