Movies always portray the rich and successful men who look for escorts. In a country with many rich people like Singapore, some people then ask, why do these successful men meet a call girl in Singapore for social escort service when they can date any girl? The short answer is that very often, these guys look for escorts because they want to, not because they have to. For the long answer, see the following.

First, many of these powerful executives, lawyers, surgeons or more have a very busy work schedule. TV media entertainment series tend to show them as being able to engage in lots of social activities, but the reality is that it is not true for the vast majority of them. Take for example in Singapore, where costs of living is very high, they got to where they are because they work almost all the time. As a result of that, while they could technically date, most of the times when they are dating, the women in Singapore they are meeting may find them as being too busy. Since escort girls are service providers, they do not require commitment beyond each booked session nor surprising her with gifts or so-called relationship maintenance. Therefore, social escorts provide the perfect girlfriend experience without any strings attached to these guys.

Second, some of these successful men in their careers actually dated or perhaps even got married before. However, being in a traditional dating relationship does take mental and emotional effort from both parties. Some of these men do not wish to take attention off their careers, especially when they are in the midst of growing it rapidly or still have big goals. This is especially the case in a competitive society such as Singapore. However, like all others, these guys can feel lonely sometimes, and hence look for paid companions – social escorts. With no strings attached, these escort girls provide companionship to these men without these men needing to put in mental or emotional effort into it.

Third, many of these Singaporean men are now in their late thirties or forties and some no longer wish to get into a long-term dating relationship anymore, and want to just flirt around and hence date escort girls. Many of these guys are actually workaholics especially when they are in their twenties and thirties, and did not have a social life but had built up substantive wealth and freedom in their life now. At that stage, some men in Singapore choose not to get married, or are not yet ready for it, and seek to enjoy what they missed out on now that they have all the money and power in the world. They are now able to easily enjoy the companionship of a young and beautiful escort.