Fantasy is a mental image or pattern of scenario usually related to the fulfilment of a desire. Everybody fantasizes about something. Some people fantasize about owning and travelling with a yacht while some others fantasize about living on the moon. Fantasies are sometimes unrealistic or at times, go against the conventional norms and laws of the society.

Sexual fantasy, on the other hand, refers to thought patterns or mental images that can create sexual arousal or stir up the libido in a person. Sexual fantasies are everywhere around the world but due to some social, moral, cultural and religious constraints, turning those fantasies into reality has been far fetched. Some of the most popular sexual fantasies in men have been revealed in this article.

1. Sex with a sex doll

Most men have once in a while, fantasized about having sex with a sex doll. According to some men that opened up, they don’t want to deal with the emotional side of women. They will give complains about being tired or not in the mood or having a bad day. Also, men want to have intercourse with a sex doll because they can try every sex position known on earth and not be rejected by their partner. They can twist the legs or hand them upside down, or they can be as aggressive as they want to be. This fantasy can move from the realm of a mental image into reality if you desire. You can order for a sex doll at and turn that fantasy into a reality.

2. Threesome or Group Sex

Men fantasize about having threesomes and even foursomes because they often want the real sexual experience that is more animalistic. No feelings attached, no issue about the future or personal commitments in these sexual fantasies or the real-life actualization of them. Whatever the motive behind a fantasy threesome, it’s not greed, neither is it a sign of infidelity. The appeal is just sensual, and it is one of the most common male fantasies in the world. It is probably one of the sexiest.

3. Sex in a public place

The thrill of having sex in a public place has always been a popular fantasy. Movie theatres, dark alleys and public bathrooms are common choices. The intrigue of getting caught is one popularly cited reason. Although having sex in a public place can be risky behaviour and endangers incriminating you or causing a public nuisance. So at times it might be better left a fantasy.

4. Extramarital affair or infidelity

You can be perfectly satisfied and happy with your partner or spouse yet still find something electrically captivating about the idea or thought of cheating on her. It could be the freshness of a new sexual connection or the actual danger of getting caught that draws you in or something different. As is typical with many fantasies, having a mental image of this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to fulfil such fantasy.

5. Male Domination

Men love to be in charge, and sometimes you don’t get adequate opportunities in the real world to showcase this aspect of your nature. A bedroom fantasy where you are the “king of the jungle” of all that goes down is a perfect way to offset any disappointments in real life, and a hedge against vexation at being dominated from Eight to Five. Some hours of domination with silky blindfolds or fuzzy handcuffs or silky ties for mild bondage will do the trick for most guys. 

So when you have a basic need of wanting to be on top figuratively and literally fantasizing about dominating will always give a cold chill down your throat. If this sexual fantasy can be turned into reality with a willing partner, it can be as fulfilling to a man than you imagine.
6. Male submission

Also, some men fantasize about being dominated. They often do this when they are tired of doing the dominating themselves, whether it’s in the boardroom or the bedroom. Men are expected to become owners and entrepreneurs, wherein they always lead and conquer in business. This is not an easy-going path, but most men don’t express that inner conflict. 

Men don’t know how to articulate or make sense of this profound emotional turmoil or release the quiet anxiety of dominating in the real world. They just know being dominated in bed makes them feel less guilty of doing the dominating in real life. Men often go outside their primary relationship to fulfil this fantasy because doing this in their personal, romantic relationship will break the pattern that has been known to work for couples for several decades
7. Sex with mature women

Men often fantasize about having sex with an older woman who has mastered her body so well and thus making the experience incredible. Women who have gained experience over the years are also more knowledgeable about a man’s body than younger women. They are aware of more erogenous zones in men. They also do not have the “standards” younger women claim to have and can explore and be creative in bed.

In summary, fantasizing about sex knows no limit, but there are limitations when turning some of those fantasies into reality. The above mentioned are the most common among men, but there are some others which include; sex with a celebrity, role play sex, sex with a stranger e.t.c