Every long-term relationship goes through many challenges. One of the challenges that will pop up along the way is sexual problems. Whether it is an unresponsive partner or sexual health problems, sex problems are some of those that any couple will have to deal with. The fortunate thing is that there are solutions everywhere for partners who are experiencing problems in their sex lives. The following is a quick breakdown of some of the main problems you are likely to encounter and the best solutions you can use to solve the common sex problems.

Boredom comes whenever there is a prolonged routine. The human brain is not designed to go through the same routines for a long time. Even the body itself becomes numb when exposed to too much of the same thing. This is why boredom will come rather quickly when the sex becomes too routine. When you face this problem, there are two things you will need to do. First, you will embrace new ideas and experiment them with your partner. 

Second, you will have to become more imaginative. To get over the boredom will take the effort of both parties though. You, therefore, have to communicate with your partner whenever you feel that things are going wrong.
Emotional distance

Intimacy involves a great deal of emotional closeness. At the lack of emotional intimacy, the quality of sex and overall life goes down. It is therefore crucial that you and your partner face the emotional challenges head-on whenever they arise. To improve your emotional understanding, you will need to embrace communication. 

The various levels of communication can make your partner feel appreciated or wanted. If you realize that you have not been paying attention to the emotional needs of your partner, you will have to make a change promptly.
Negative body image

After being in a relationship for a long time and possibly having kids, the issue of negative body image will likely emerge. A lot of physical changes take place especially on women when they give birth. Issues of weight gain or stress might become more common. When such changes take place, the idea of declining beauty will likely come up. To defeat this idea though, a lot of work will be needed. Exercise and emotional support will be the key factors that will help overcome the challenge of negative body image.

Exhaustion is natural to all living things. It is not uncommon for modern couples to have several things on their agenda each day. At the end of a productive day, therefore, exhaustion might be the only thing that is left. Fatigue should not be the main thing that defines the relationship though. If you notice that your partner is particularly overburdened, you need to chip in and ask what you can do to help reduce the load. Without a proper balance between work and life, the sex life between you and your partner will be greatly affected.
Unequal sex drives and how sex toys can help

In any relationship, one partner will always have a higher sex drive. When this is the case, a proper means of balancing the scales is needed. For the partner who has a higher sex drive, patience and moderation will be required. If you have a lower sex drive, you will also need to understand and accommodate the needs of your partner. Fortunately, it is easy to do this nowadays. With sex toys, couples can have reimagined sexual encounters. Not only are sex toys imaginative but they also help balance the disparate sex drive between couples. Sedusia estimates that the majority of couples find new joy in their sex life when they experiment with sex toys.
A lazy partner

Finally, another problem that is likely to arise in the relationship is laziness. After a long time being in a relationship, one partner might just become more dormant in the bed. If your partner becomes lazy, try to create some playful events around the bed that will encourage your partner to be more active. Most partners become lazy when there is no enthusiasm in the bed. You should thus try to bring some passion and enthusiasm whenever laziness and lack of effort strikes.