Social sciences are fascinating and the major shifts going on now as far as the xxx habits of people are interesting. I mean really, what in the heck is going on with adult entertainment? Have you noticed? Specifically, how is it in The last 5-10 years the entire porn industry has gone from local strip clubs and adult video stores to live sex cams with a real people? ...And now these adult webcam shows are even on your mobile phones. Let's talk about it, it's pretty shocking and just how big the sex cams craze has become. 

The Shift Started with the Invention of the Webcam 

To get to the root of this issue we have to go clear back to 1991 when Dr. Quentin Stafford-Fraser and Paul Jardetzky created the magical device called the webcam. Truth be told they did so in order to monitor coffee levels at Cambridge University. Even then webcams were closely tied to technology because it was in fact students and professors who were trying to keep their coffee cups full when they by chance stumbled onto the invention of the modern day webcam. 

Fast forward to current times and webcams are in use everywhere on a global level; so of course the same should be expected to become adopted within adult entertainment. However, nobody could have ever expected that the webcam would created a whole new form of porn. Looking back over the past decade though, It's hard to argue against the fact that the webcam nearly reinvented how people interact with adult entertainment.  

Adult Entertainment is Historically Early Adopter of New Technologies 

The adult entertainment industry often is the first to run with new technologies and the same was witnessed when camcorders and then VHS home videos. More recently, around the same time as consolidations started to happen in the porn industry the first live sex cam sites entered the fray and were instantly a hit. These live video sex cam sites now are no small industry and together all adult webcam chat sites now bring in more money than recording porn movies do as a whole. While estimates range from 3 to 5 billion, it's hard to pinpoint the size of the adult cam industry; but it's a goliath that continues to grow. 

What is clear is the fact that cam girls and internet modeling as a whole is a huge business and nearly everyone is aware of. Most recently more and more people are talking about this. Likewise, 'Camming' as a new term maybe one of the most popular new words in pop culture with gen Y & Z . This term of course refers to talking on webcams and in most contexts it refers to sex based webcams shows and chat sites for adults. 

High Speed Takes Porn to Mobile Phones 

The current transition from desktop internet sites to apps and responsive websites has been underway over the past 5 years but in adult even longer. It’s also interesting to note that these same live sex cam sites are also some of the most advanced websites in the world. Top adult webcam sites host literally thousands of performers each day while handing massive data requests per minute from millions of visitors daily. Most noteworthy perhaps is the fact that those numbers have not stopped growing since the early adult cams chat sites launched as far back as 20 years ago.

Cam Girls are the New Porn Stars 

Meanwhile as live cams sites for adults have taken hold, the performers have been those who have created this space and continue to propel its’ growth. Cam girls and cam guys are those who choose to perform on webcam for money. Typically these performances are erotic stripteases all the way to masturbation or even live sex on webcam. Meanwhile as regulations around xxx video production have tightened and consolidation in the traditional adult video industry happened, webcams have filled the vacuum.