Preserving the initial spark during a marriage is not always that easy. It requires a lot of effort from both sides and mutual understanding. Particularly nowadays, when the divorce rate increases a lot during each year it is vital for couples to try and keep their shared life long lasting. How can they achieve that? Well, there are certainly some things they should try out!

1. Communicate a lot

Constant and real communication can be the true key to every long lasting relationship. During the whole duration of your shared life you should always try to talk to your partner about your likes and dislikes, your preferences and every little problem that arises, however unimportant it may seem to you. Do not hesitate to share your most hidden fears and feelings and rest assured that your partner will help you get over them and feel better. 

2. Do not abandon your sexual life

Sex is definitely an important factor in every couples' life. Keeping your sexual life alive can be the trick to keep your relationship long lasting. You should try out new activities, maybe more spicy that will grab the interest of your partner into the bedroom. Consider buying any sex products to help you achieve this cause. Experiment with new positions, new places for your encounters and seek to find again the spark you had when you first met with your partner. You may remember your Benidorm stag do weekend with a feeling of melancholy, but you should also, have in mind that you now have a fantastic wife you need to take care of. 

3. Take care of yourself

Although caring for your partner is very important, it is highly vital that you care for your own needs, as well. Do not neglect yourself during your marriage. Make an effort to make a schedule that includes every single activity you enjoy undertaking, like exercising, painting, watching a movie or just having coffee with your best friends. You could also, try to make a programme with your partner where you will enjoy each other's interests in a fair way.

4. Be open to changes

During the whole duration of your life as a married couple a lot of situations are going to change. You need to do your best and become used to them accordingly. You should always be open to changes. Do not think of anything as permanent. If you find yourself fighting a lot with your partner over a characteristic of your personality, for example jealousy, you should be mature enough to try and decrease the feeling. Mutual retreat where it is needed can play a vital role in sustaining a happy marriage. 

5. Forgive each other

It may sound natural to you, but truly forgiving your other half is not always a fact. Forgiving someone does not only mean throwing this little phrase ''I forgive you'' to his or her face. It means a lot more. It actually means that you do not hang on past baggage again and again and that you do not bring a finished argument back to reality after a while. 

6. Be friends

Marriage is not only a commitment between lovers. It is both a friendly and loving state between two people who care for each other. Take your time to have fun together, go on a unique trip or just try out an activity that you both enjoy. Talk about your dreams and your passions. Do not hesitate to ask for your private space once in a while. Being with each other 24/7 can be really harmful to your relationship.

7. Avoid secrets

Keeping secrets from your partner can really harm your relationship. Being open and honest with each other at all times is essential to keep your marriage from falling to pieces. Keeping secrets, even those which you consider unimportant can lead to unfair arguments and misunderstandings. If you disagree on a topic, maybe you should consider taking a break before bringing the topic back again.

Whichever problem you think you are facing during your marriage, there is always a solution you need to find. Keeping your marriage alive can be difficult but it definitely deserves your best effort! Try to follow the simple advice mentioned above and be ready to forgive as well as make your marriage spicy again!