Most of men struggle to get girls, they are lonely and getting girls is harder for them than winning a lottery. A lot young boys suffer from lack of ability to win girls, it's extremely hard for them to attract girls and get females attention.

Also, shy people suffer from it a lot, even when they try to speak to a opposite gender they fail and after that it gets even harder.

In contrast, for some men getting a girl to fall in love with him is piece of a cake and they attract nearly all girls who fall near them.

What's the secret behind success of those men? Well, while all of them are different they all have things in common what attract girls like a magnet.

If you want to be part of group two with great success and many successful relationship then keep reading as in this article we are going to uncover tips that makes your girl magnet!

Be attractive!

You want to attract girls? You have to be attractive, simple as that.

Sorry but unfortunately nobody will pay attention to a man who is fat and scared, with no any attractive part.

If you want to be attractive the first part you need to take care is first impression you make - your appearance!

Work out, get in shape and always keep an eye on your haircut! Boys with great physical shape always gets first attention from girls and when you have got attention, all left is to use it correctly!(more on that later)

If you go to GYM and train with professional fitness instructor that's great, but even without GYM or any experience fitness equipment you can get in a great shape! There are many free apps available for Android and iOS smartphones that gives you professional training program that's needs no equipment and is suitable for beginners.

Even working out 10 minutes per day, anywhere - office or home gives you great results in several months.

Eating healthy, protein and vitamins full food can also have great effect on your muscles growth and can help you leverage great results faster and easier.

Working out regularly and eating healthy food not only improves your appearance and body shape but also you highly improve your body health.

Another physical improvement you can make is by working out and making your penis bigger and better, yes, you can actually work it out and make it bigger and stronger - better! Just like any muscle you can improve your penis by far!

Workouts for penis is called jelqing and there are many little details you should take into account if you want to maximize your results in shortest time possible.

You can and you should watch how to properly jelq video to easily learn how it actually works and what mistakes you should avoid for proper and real gain.

Having extra big penis may not be visible in every outfit and situations but it will play it's role on the beach or pools, and it will have big positive effect to get attention and attract girls. They may not always admin it but every woman loves and cares about the size.

Act attractive!

Remember when we said about using attention you receive correctly? It's one of the most important aspect if you want to truly be girl magnet!

Nobody likes weak, scared, shy man who is afraid to stand up, talk and act like alpha male. It's common stereotype, man is strong and confident, or in other words cool and top guy!

If you want to attract 99% of girls you should look like and act like top man, walk and talk with confidence and show everybody that's you're coolest guy around.

Stand up, own you body, open your shoulders, walk with 100% of confidence and talk like you own it! Every girl is attracted by a male who is full with confidence and is brave enough to start talking first, not scared to get rejected or afraid of anyone.

When you finally get conversations going always show that you're interested in her but also show that you own yourself and she isn't you are all about. Be nice, honest, polite and show what you know and what you think in a smart, augmented way.
Don't act like a child but never be too serious, everyone loves jokes and having any kind of relationship with funny, happy people.

By applying all recommendations above you'll never have problem again to attract girls, have other people's attention and get new friends and partner who will fall in love with you.