Feeling hesitant about having sex while your partner is pregnant because you're worried about hurting the fetus? Know that you are not alone. A new study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy has a revealed that a lot of guys feel the same way.

The survey involved asking 105 men (ages of 20 and 46) with partners who were on average about 38 weeks pregnant. While a majority admitted to have slowed down their sexcapades, more than half said they were still highly satisfied with the sex and the overall relationship. Other reasons they gave included not wanting to induce early labor or that their partner wasn't in the mood. But most shocking of all is that 81 percent really thought that sex could hurt the fetus. 

Experts say that having sex during any trimester is relatively safe as the cervix helps to block access to the fetus right up until about the last month of pregnancy. And even if the penis penetrates deeper, the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby acts like a cushion to keep it safe. Sex can also help to induce labor once a woman is past her due date, as the prostaglandins found in seminal fluid encourages uterine contractions.