A recent article in the New York Times stated that it's much harder for women to have an orgasm when it involves a partner they don't know very well.

The conclusion came from interviews with thousands of college students, as well as published studies from the Kinsey Institute and NYU.

The findings showed that 74 per cent of the women said they had an orgasm the last time they'd has sex while in a relationship. Women were also two times as likely to have an orgasm when they're in a relationship as when they're not. When interviewed about the last hookup they'd had, only 42 perc ent of women said they had an orgasm, compared the 80 percent of men who had.

But here's where it gets really interesting. According to sex researcher and writer Dr. Debby Herbenick, we might be placing too much focus on orgasms being an indicator of having great sex. She asks:
"Something we don't talk about is why having an orgasm is the main goal or the only goal. Who are we to say women should be having orgasms?"
A few of the women interviewed also agreed to Dr. Debby's stance by stating that for them, an entire sexual experience can be much more than how easy it is for them to get off:
"To sort of know yourself to be sort of skilled in a way or to be able to see someone else's pleasure that was your own doing," one explained, "I think there's definitely something very empowering about that."
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