Does all the tweeting, pinning and Facebook updates leave you feeling depressed and exhausted? Then it might be time to switch to Happify, a new platform full of activities aimed at helping users feel better about themselves.

So what's the motivation behind all this? According to co-founder Ofer Leidner, Happify works because it's based on 25 years of researching the legitimate science of positive psychology.
"The common finding is that happiness is a skill,"

"The ingredients for happy or fully lived lives are skills that you can actually teach people. It's something you can learn and develop."
After signing up, users must answer personal questions in order to make some self-assessments like how well you deal with setbacks, whether you find life exciting or boring.  From there, Happify will recommend a "track" for you, like "build self-confidence" or "appreciate what you have". You can also get to choose one for yourself.

Once a goal has been selected, users can be provided with activities that will enable them work towards their goals. Users can score points across five key skill-sets: "savoring," "thanking," "aspiring," "giving," and "empathizing"  in exchange for completing these activities. Once you've completed an activity, you can choose to share on other social networks in order to keep track of your progress.

Sounds a bit far-fetched, but we guess it wouldn't hurt to check it out

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