Women might earn less than men, but one prominent forensic psychologist thinks that when it comes to murder, ladies do it best.

This was revealed by Sigrun Rossmanith, a forensic psychologist who has treated many women who kill.  Based on her experience, she believes that when it comes to ruthlessly murdering people, ladies just have a lot more finesse compared to their male counterparts, who usually resort to brute force.
SPIEGEL ONLINE: In public there is actually very little talk about female murderers. You write that feminism is the reason for this. Could a male author have allowed himself to say that?

Rossmanith: I think I could only allow myself to write that because I'm a woman. But you know, I am a fan of feminism: It has achieved a lot. It only troubled me that women are always being depicted as more amiable and less prone to violence. In my experience that is simply not the case.
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