The world's most famous mouthless cat has pretty much conquered the world. She's sold electronics and home appliances, had people's homes modeled in her honor, and people wear her in any way they can - hair clips, clothing, whatever.

Now she's selling beer to women in China! The point of this is to get women in China interested in beer. According to The Atlantic:
Consumers in China and Taiwan can now pick from six fruit-flavored brews, including peach, lemon-lime, passion fruit, and banana, sporting the cartoon cat on the can. With about half the alcohol content of a Budweiser, they're not very potent. But as Kotaku's Eric Jou put it, "They're so ridiculously smooth and tasty that one can barely tell they're drinking beer. It's almost like drinking fruit juice, even if the cans do say 'beer.'"
Jesus Christ! Why would they want to encourage women to foster beer bellies?! Just because people love Hello Kitty it doesn't mean they have to look like her! And I'm pretty bothered by what looks like banana-flavored beer.