So what can be expected in the upcoming 24-hour wedding channel run by Shagun TV? The list will include wedding reality” shows, wedding soap operas, wedding travel shows featuring photogenic honeymoon destinations, bridal makeovers, and a show entirely devoted to cringe-worthy interactions between mothers and daughters-in-law.

If this all seems like a lot of wedding hubbub to take in in one sitting, that's probably because you're not familiar with just how big of a market weddings are in India:
Media analysts say the channel is the first in India offering round-the-clock wedding entertainment. It looks to cash in on a big fat Indian wedding market valued at an estimated $38 billion a year and expected to grow 25 to 30 percent annually, according to Alex Kuruvilla, the managing director of Conde Nast India, which publishes a string of luxury magazines.

The Indian wedding season, which starts in October and lasts until spring, can at times seem like a bridal invasion. Traffic grinds to a halt in major cities on wedding dates thought to be astrologically auspicious. On particularly lucky days, newspapers reported up to 60,000 couples tying the knot in New Delhi alone.
The TV station claims the channel will offer a platform for middle-class Indian couples to have their pre-wedding lives on display. But with more than 700 channels of programming on Indian TV, it's probably going to get lost in the mix.