You probably have at least one Facebook friend who can't resist liking their own statuses, photos, and/or comments.

What is it about this behavior that comes across as so off-putting? Below is a bunch of reasons why you should think twice before hitting that Like button on your own stuff:

It is redundant.

The mere fact that you created the post pretty much reveals your stance on the topic. Liking it does not include additional information for your friends or followers, so there really is no justification for this, other than...

It makes you look like a loner.

If you have to like your own post because no one else has 'liked' it, it's because you don’t have anybody who agrees with what you are trying to put out there, which isn't a bad thing because not everyone likes the same things. But when you resort to liking your post just to see a thumbs up, that's just sad. We would worry for you. You should worry for you.

It's attention-seeking.

What you're saying is "Hey people, I just did this thing and I think I deserve a fucking gold star for it! None? FINE! I'll high five myself because who needs your approval anyway (I do, I really do!)"

It reveals a lot about your ego.

While it's natural to want to emphasize a post when it concerns something you are really passionate about, it is more gratifying when it gets addressed and liked by other people instead of just you. And even if nobody 'Likes' your post, it's not the end of the world. Put it out there and move on. Chances are they might have checked out your post anyway but didn't find it as compelling as you expected.