Here's the first clip for Kanye West's interview with his girlfriend's mother Kris Jenner. In a bid to promote her show, she somehow managed to convince Kanye, who was rumored to not have great fondness for her, to come on to the show. And with North West too.

In this clip, Kris Jenner uncovers Kanye's deep feeling and the meaning of life and death and reveals that Kris is still a horrible interviewer:
Kanye: You know my grandfather just passed and his whole thing was never about money, was never about popularity; his whole thing was joy. Just joy. Just having joy in his life.

Kris: Amazing.

Kanye: You know [Kim's] my joy and she brought my new joy into the world and there's no paparazzi and there's no blog comment that is going to take that joy from me.

Kris: That's pretty amazing.
Someone send Kris Jenner to interview talk show host school because this is obviously going to suck. Unless she does it Jerry Springer style. We need the return of that kind of genre!