So apparently it's National Sandwich Month, and in honor of great sandwiches, we found a sinful grilled cheese recipe that requires minimal time to prepare.

Instead of having to fry anything, this one will only require you to ready a butter knife, and a panini press. And a plate. And an appetite.

First you need some bread. Then you need to spread on some mayonnaise. Yes, not butter, but mayonnaise. Spread the mayo on both slices of bread, and then put one slice of the spread in the panini press mayo-side down. Add cheese and bacon (as much as you can handle), and throw the top bread on (mayo-side up).

When you press the sandwich together using the panini press, say for about 2-3 minutes, the mayo side becomes somewhat a fried egg. Flip it over for a few more minutes to make sure the mayonnaise cooks completely, and when it's a wonderful golden brown, it's ready.

Voila! Awesome grilled cheese sandwich.

Or if you want an even simpler way to make a grilled cheese sandwich, use toaster bags to do them - but then you won't get those nice grill marks on the bread.