There's no denying that the Jennifer Lawrence is the new "It Girl" reigning over Hollywood, and that's because she's not afraid to say what's on her mind or act silly whenever she feels like it. Is there any wonder why the 23-year-pld simply can't do no wrong in the eyes of all her internet fans?

This list below featuring all the best Jennifer Lawrence GIFs will show you the secret to becoming as awesome as she is.

1. Dance like you mean it.

2. Tell it like it is.

3. Do a shot. Apologize. Then do another after the speech.

4. Because who really needs pants?

5. Do it with sarcasm.

6. Tell it like it is. Again.

7. Make swearing look sexy.

8. People like the honest chick who's not embarrassed.

9. be cool..

10. No bow? No worries. Got knife.

11. Call me maybe.

12. Wink

13. Okay

14. Know how to embarrass your co-star.