Just because virtual and Zoom meetings are the new normal doesn’t mean your look needs to be. These days, TikTok and other social media sites are sharing their tips and tricks on how to take an everyday look and turn it into one your entire social circle can’t stop talking about. Makeup is far from yesterday's look. If anything, now that we’re in a post-pandemic era, makeup is making a major comeback. So, it’s time to change up the same old routine from a pre-2020 world. Let’s make makeup fun again.

Whether you’ve been a fan of beauty products for years or you are just getting started, if you’re ready to try something new let’s dive into the ways to elevate your daily makeup routine.

Here are four ways to elevate your daily makeup routine.

Make sure you start with a good base

Before you can elevate your daily makeup routine you need to start with a foundation that’s going to make the rest of your look appear seamless. You want a foundation that does a few things:

One that matches your skin tone 
A foundation that has a consistency conducive to your skin, and doesn’t look cakey on
One that helps your skin breathe, rather than suffocate it
One that won’t cause you to break out (check with your dermatologist to see if you will have reactions or allergies to certain products)

If you choose a foundation that goes against any of the above, the rest of your look will suffer as a result. But once you’ve found it, as you apply this foundation, a pro tip is to go lower than your jawline. The number one way to ruin a perfect makeup look is to have your face be one color and your neckline be another. When you blend the foundation into your neck and gradually have less of it as you move down it will have a less obvious appearance in photos and in person, and you’ll stand out.

Do your own lashes

Lashes are one of the best ways to elevate your daily makeup routine. But lashes can get pretty expensive. To have the same great look without the break-the-bank pricing, try DIY lash extensions. DIY lash extensions not only save you money but are a perfect way to elevate any look, day or night, and any day.

Some tips from lash experts:

You should practice a few times (try three times) before sleeping with lash extensions 
As you DIY lash extensions, look down when applying them
Think again before you jump into a pool or shower. You should wait for 24 hours before getting your lashes wet

If you’re nervous, another option is to get your lashes done for the first time at a salon and pay special attention to what is being done. Then, you can take these mental notes home with you. Because when you are DIY lash extensions you want to be cautious, after all these are your eyes. These steps will help you get the look you want whenever you want. 

Go bolder with your colors

The no-makeup look has a time and place, but if you’ve already gone the extra mile with your DIY lash extensions it’s time to get a little edgy and go bolder with your colors. As you prepare your eyes, find liquid liners with bold colors to accentuate them. You can try a muted eyeshadow with a pop of your favorite color, even if it doesn’t match your outfit, streaking boldly across your eyelid. Another option is to make your lips really stand out with a kissable color that stands out from the rest of your face. Your eyes and lips tend to draw the most attention, so why not make that attention worth a little extra gaze? If you’re comfortable with your makeup already, you can also try deeper colors around your contour lines to make your cheekbones really stand out.

Throw in some bedazzle 

Sparkles and glitter may be hard to get rid of as you wash your tools and hands (we’ve all had that glitter or two that just won’t come off, no matter how many washes we’ve done). But some bedazzlement can stay as long as you want and come off with just a little makeup remover. You can find all different sizes, shapes, and colors to apply to bedazzle as a way to elevate your daily makeup routine. Small, white gems around your eyes for everyday look, even one black bedazzle as a beauty-mark look above your lip. You can even line them along your ears or collarbone to accent your face. Find the shapes and sizes for you and you can easily apply them, day and night, to any look that you want to achieve.


As you start with your base and move forward to your DIY lash extensions, go bolder with your colors and throw on some bedazzle, you will feel confident as you elevate your daily makeup routine with these easy-to-follow tips and tricks. But above all else, have fun with it. After all, the real thing everyone will be talking about is you.